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sunday 31/07/2011

Thanks for putting that up I forgot about doing a linksmiley

saturday 30/07/2011

Join The Masters of Battle. Great guild active boards and helpful members

Hey Regrets_,

Visit Card Dimensions! When you come in, Youre bound to not go away! We have:

1) A very active message boards!
2) A donation system!
3) A level up system!
4) Our own guild Website!
5) our own guild forums!
6) A friendly community!
7) dedicated Admins and Founder!
A Very Informative guild Intro and Beginners guide!
9) 3 Admins, So someone is watching at all times!
10) Free card Giveaways!
11) Guild Contests!
12) Guild Events!
13) Guild Lotteries!
14) Guild Market Place!
15) Many Loyal Guild Members!
16) 5 Hot topics in under a week!
17) 55+ Guild members in under a week!
1 1550+ Messages in the message boards in under a week!
19) Level up weekend!
20) Birthday board! (We care about your bday!)
21) And Much more!

There are ao many positive comments in our guild that I couldnt write them all!

Join Today!

Asian Republic

Tired of being in guilds full of people who think they're the better than you? Tired of looking for the right guild? Wanna have some fun with some crazy people (some trolls) ?

Then join us! We have lots of fun in our message boards!

You can only join if you meet these requirements!
-Level 35+ (Unless you have an invitation)
-At least 1150 Elo (Unless you have an invitation)
-Active on MB!( 3 posts a day MINIMUM if you go online that day)
-At least 14 years of age. Why? We might be a little too mature!
Oh! And most important of all, you should go to xat when you're online! Not all the time , but some would be helpful

friday 29/07/2011

Hey Join The Masters of battle. I host a ELO tournament EVERY week with Great prizes!

Im joining

Required: Lvl 7 or higher characters, and you need atleast 3 posion users in your collection.
for more info send me a massage and describe your question,
/ Join
‘—•º | [PD] | º•—‘
Today /

I must say, Card Dimensions is for you. We have an entire message board dedicated just to type1/ELO decks. Not only that our founder and Co-founder (Praxie_32) are great players with tons of advice!

Join guild:1171505
So far we are a little guild but we offer great atmosphere. Where are active members chat and give advice. Recently we are starting a guild market. Soon we will be hosting events and weekly lotteries. If you want to be in a guild you won't be forgotten try ours for a day or two and see if you want to be a member.

thursday 28/07/2011

Lvl 30 ranked 84 in the US for the month (only been playing about a month) 40% card collection. I play atleast a few hours a day. Message me for any other info ya need.

An insane Guild approached me...could not resist the temptation of milky thighs.

Join Us smiley... guild:1418759

30+ with a exception of mattshapsss and Glaziey Guild with ultimate members its not about how good we are its about how we work together spots we need are Recruitment manager 35+ Assistant Recruiter 30+ Commander 30+ Message Board moderator (Any level) Event coordinator 40 + King 50+ Ace 70+ Assistant Emperor 80+ Requirements: 30+ At least 1500 BP English speaking Active Message board active And Friendly and have fun in Inter Orbiters Go to our website here: www.Inter-Orbiters.webs.com/

join here guild:1424102

wednesday 27/07/2011

Hello BrokenDollBeth. I'm Hive with Our last breath. Our last breath is a social guild, but we also take UR seriously. On our message boards you'll find lots of contests and events, but also deck building tips and people eager to help you out. We strive to keep things fun, active, and engaging.

A lot of people will find themselves jumping from guild to guild over the course of their time playing UR and Our last breath hopes to help you avoid that. We've tried to make OLB the last guild you'd ever want to leave. So if you're interested you can apply now or if you have any questions feel free to send me a message. That name again: Our last breath

Today at 13:25 in
Welcome to Godless Rising We are a guild with supreme attitudes and confidence We are currently working With
Our last breath incase you didn't know
We accept 20 + with the exception of me and my real life neighbor
we are the only two in the guild first people who join get these spots
Recruitment manager 20+
Message Board Moderator 30+
Event Coordinator 40+
Commander 50+
And finally king of Godless 70+
and Emperor is me Glaziey

We Need you so join now to join from any country
of the whole guild can do everything but 60+ Our Last Breath and Godless Rising swap or give each other members each year


Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1423194 CHALLENGE YOURSELF

we are the legends of clint city here to help you level up and become a better player. contact me for a battle, advice or a card or two to borrow.

Requirements: Lvl 35, elo record of at least 1200 or if you dont play elo decent survivor or DT record , speak decent English and lastly active..

first few worthy members will be admins smiley


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