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saturday 23/07/2011

Hello Gladiator We need u ur lv 30 or more and u like elo mode
the guild Fairebails is for you.
Whit a minimum of 6 post per week
and one minimum contest per week (normaly the priced are cards)
we wait for you
WE WANT U IN THE Fairebails


friday 22/07/2011

Hi everyone,
I'm recruiting member for my new group, Bright Nightmares.
We're soon going to own UR. Join if you're man enough.
15+ but will make exceptions.


wednesday 20/07/2011

Thx CC join nowsmileysmileysmiley

Hello. i am black_mystic. i have created this guild so people can enjoy the game. not be told what to do. in this guild you will have lots of fun. we have lotteries tournaments and well just about everything to do with fun.smiley. but the real reason i created this guild is because i am tired of being pushed around and being told things of what i can and cannot do. were not like the other guilds. were gonna become number 1 by having fun not by recruiting the best players. dont be afraid. we are open to anyone of any level. but our main requirement is that you enjoy urban rivals and you have fun doing it.


-! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0 Guild Recruitment !-

Guild with many ambitions that will be achieved only with the help of the guild viwers and members. You should have a dream of your own to make it come true in the http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0

Level : 10+ (New gamers are acceptable, we are willing to help you start)
You have to be friendly
Active at least 1 hour a day
And the key to join is to have fun playing the Urban Rivals game(we will make it be fun)
The english language must be common for all players in order to understand each other

The Story:
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0 name has been given by the book of bible at the "genesis" section and it's widely translated as the birth of the world and the creation of the human kind. Since then man needed power to survive so first of all he had to acquire the proper skills to survive, strategy played a big role in that part when "man" had to think for himself and make a plan to capture his prey or just to protect himself from the wild world outside his cave

Today the world didn't chance. We are more sociable than before and our way of thinking has been improved greatly since then but we still have to face this cruel world we are living in. Strategy, planning your next move and synchronizing attacks are all well known in the world of games, howevernone of those gamesdoesn't combine all the above skills we reffered at. Urban Rivals is t

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Soon we'll have a clan magazine, i hope. I'm looking for writers!

Plus, you get to meet some of the strongest playerss in the game here.

tuesday 19/07/2011

Im currently level 18 but my elo score is 1317. I like learning and studying strategies in elo. If I am in your guild I can make atleast 13k a month in bp. I also love talking on the guild message board alot and have a great group of friends and nice enviornment. I dont wan to be looked at as a low level noob that doesnt use his head, I want to be in a nice guild and have a good time. I love music and animesmiley I dont plan to stay forever because the 2 guilds I want to be in long term are Ark Angels & EXCALIBUR. But for now I wanna get stronger together with a great set of friends, I dont care the popularity but I dont want to be in a tooooooooooo big guild lol.smileysmiley

Join Team Canada Force! We are an awesome guild, which needs more people, so we can host more events! Find us at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=1398455


I've submitted my application.

Unfortunately due to lack of interest we had to disband the guild.

I applied to thighs and got denied. Also, to the others I appreciate the offers but I'm looking for a guild mainly based in the united states so people are more active around the time I am.

monday 18/07/2011

Join please got a few people already looking for lots and lots more every 1 will get accepted smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


This is the guild me and a few friends made ages ago.

We are kinda back after a break.

We are low level, but have quite good cards.

I run Rescue and the top admin guy, MuyX, runs Skeelz.

It seems like many members of our group are inactive now, so if I get some people to join, the guild would look much more lively, as a kind of "kick-start" to the guild.

We will probably accept any request.

We are friendly, and can probably help you if you want (although you would think we are noobs).

MuyX and I started this game ages ago, but have not been playing it very regularly.

We won't kick you unless you're inactive for a huge amount of time (like a year or so)

I am unable to guarantee copious amounts of booze (virtual or not)...
I am able to guarantee a guild where we accept you for your play style, whatever it may be.

Even though we are a small and a brand new and shiny guild I think that we have the right attitude.

Please use the General Tactics forum smiley

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