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friday 28/07/2017

Bonjour à tous , après 2ans d'absence , j'aspire à monter une nouvelle guilde († Fallen Arc Angels &daggersmiley , nous sommes actuellement 4 et nous cherchons de nouveaux membres dans le but d'acquérir de la puissance . L'activité est importante ( cela dépend de la situation de chacun ) . Pas de profil particulier , seulement un jeu organisée.

Bonjour à tous après 2 ans d'absence , je veux commencer par remettre cette guilde sur pied (Lords of Shadows). Le texte de guilde n'est plus d'actualité et les membres non plus . Seul 4 ou 5 personne sont active . Pour commencer je n'est pas de critères d'acceptation a part le fait d'être actif (selon les disponibilité de chacun , j'expliquerai en détail plus tard), et d'être organisée dans la façon de jouer en fonction des mode de jeu . Les Principaux des actifs sont 1 Titan , 1 imperator et moi même.

wednesday 19/07/2017

Looking for active members.
The gild was founded a long time ago,
to celebrate all Skeelz characters.
No deck formats restrictions.
Putting TSF in your name is really appreciated and gives you a chance to be an admin.

LGBTQ+ friendly
Multicultural (most are dutch-speaking though)




Come One Come All

Laid back and helpful crew

sunday 16/07/2017

Sure, you can leave.
But they're just going to come after you. smiley

You think I actually WANT to be my guild's founder? Don't have much choice, unless I wanna be eaten. smiley

monday 26/06/2017

Necromancer Valley is looking for new recruits, anyone allowed thank you.

saturday 17/06/2017

What do you want to know?

tuesday 13/06/2017

Is there room left for me?

Ok thank you! I gotta figure that out. I noticed i o ly have 4 of the same clan cards the rest are different. And i thought i was apart of a clan but i jus sent a request lol. Guess ill keep training i got to level 14 somehow from completing the arcade on normal and that took awhile to do lol. Ill see who's actively recruiting that can help. I dont want to clutter up the forums. Thank you for that information tho!!

monday 05/06/2017

Final message gang.

I love y'all peoples.

sunday 04/06/2017

But... but... I thought we had something Azeem, why you break my heart smiley

tuesday 30/05/2017

This is where I will test the newer capabilities and functions of the UR chat and message system. It will remain locked and only admins may unlock it to post. This will be to test the limits of the UR system and report bugs once found. Also to occasionally have some fun. If you find a bug in chat report it then let an admin know to unlock the thread so that you may explain it and see if anyone can recreate it. If we can recreate bugs and report them fast then we get a better game.

monday 22/05/2017

We have both. Welcome home. smiley

sunday 21/05/2017

wednesday 10/05/2017

I havent fully introduced myself yet, im just getting started. It might take me a few years to fully express myself

tuesday 09/05/2017

Closing this .
I see that u are out of LoA..
Can re open when u make a guild in 1st place

Just use the most overpowered cards and you'll win.... just try your hardest and if you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. and if you don't succeed once more, just quit the gamesmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 03/05/2017

wednesday 26/04/2017

Couldn't have phrased it better myself, Sahil smiley

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