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thursday 16/06/2011

Level 5+ recruiting members if interested visit the guild page!! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0 hope to hear from u soon


-All levels welcome
-Expect to pick up a few tricks
-Build you talent
-Get and give great advice to others

All about developing skills, you are guaranteed a spot if you want to grow as a player so join smileysmiley

wednesday 15/06/2011


tuesday 14/06/2011

Well you cant chat a lot with one member...


Join up http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0

monday 13/06/2011

2 more people have joined and my mass recruiting scheme has begun this subject will now be closed

@comment 10 WHAT :O

We are a developing guild so come and help us.

Umm im new i just wanted to say heyy smiley lol

sunday 12/06/2011

Alcatraz Island is so called because there were many pelicans on the island. It has always been known as The Rock, because a high percentage of the island is made ​​up of rock. It was also nicknamed The Bastion, because it seemed impossible to imagine a flight.
You are one who wants to overthrow the system awaits the prison of Alcatraz ...
One or more blacklist!
Or a ban
Lvl least 45 Few Exceptions
To ask questions in InglIsh -CALLOUS-


THX MOD smiley

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friday 10/06/2011



thursday 09/06/2011

Open Recruitment

You must be respectful of other players, We do not tolerate bullying, harassing, or vulgarity.
Our goal is to be a guild of friends and equals, offering advice to one another and to be available for your fellow guildsmen, to help them with advice, tips, deck critiques, etc. And most of all lets all have fun.

If interested, please apply.

wednesday 08/06/2011

Request sent! Looking for a casual guild. Usually play La Junta and Nightmare. Both decks need some work, but saving the Clintz to pump them up.

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