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thursday 20/04/2017

Yeah! That works. So: Join guild:2057923 now and you will receive an all exclusive "Welcome to Black Clown!" and if you also bring a friend, you will also receive a "Thank you!" So join us today and be a legend! smiley

wednesday 19/04/2017

saturday 08/04/2017

https://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=2057851 Recruiting any and all players that want to join. Also need an admin for the guild with experience and knowledge of the game.

friday 07/04/2017

Still looken for more members.

thursday 06/04/2017


Your guild either doesn't exist, or had a name change!


tuesday 04/04/2017

Well... MOB has a kawaii pototo. Me smiley

Je suis une kawaiii pomme de terre!

sunday 02/04/2017

Well the other way to play is go to the bottom of the page and download the beta, just unzip it and play it on your desktop nice and easy but make sure you have an account becuse you can simply login with facebook there

friday 31/03/2017

Don't spam others thread Shadow Joker!

thursday 30/03/2017

sunday 26/03/2017

Welcome back fellow

friday 24/03/2017

That explains why a lot people value lower star cards and why less stars sometimes means bigger price. Thanks for the help everyone.

Hello there, so i created this acc in 2014 and i just missed the game a lot, i still have my 2 decks, but i dont understand much of the game or either the cards are good or nah. So, im here to ask someone's help to review the decks and give me tips, cuz i want to improve and watching videos on yt dont help me much.
have a great day,

thursday 23/03/2017


thursday 16/03/2017

New clan: hive op in t2 underwelming in t1/elo
elo is now efc: efc is basicly elo with zones. every zone has specific bans and are based on a cards release date. Iz pretty fun :^D
4 new op cards: ymirah cr, xantiax robb cr, quetzal and maana cercei
popularity is stable
updates keep coming
community is still active

happy to have you back :^D

sunday 12/03/2017

Hi guys im generally active looking for some ppl to help me out and learn

monday 06/03/2017

Well, I'm not too sure how long you've been gone, but we've gotten a new clan recently and a couple new keywords: Equalizer and Xantiax.

Equalizer does some effect that is multiplied by the amount of stars that your opponent's card (i.e. Equalizer -3 opp attack against a 4* card would be -12 attack and against a 5* card would be -15 attack)

Xantiax is basically the same as Victory or Defeat, just in less words and only found on Xantiax Robb Cr currently. Essentially, whether you win or lose, you will perform some action at the end of the round.

Truth be told, a lot of older cards are still very meta relevant depending on the clan you are playing. For reference, one of my best decks currently is T1 All Stars which all of my cards are about 2 or more years old. Regardless, there is still a lot of ways that you can accumulate clintz and get some of the more recent cards since MNB packs have a lot of high cost cards currently with Quetzal and Maana Cercei still in the pool.

Also, depending on how long you have been gone for, Arcade has also been added to the game and has become a effective way of earning Ld cards, if you are willing to deal with the AI. They have added several Lds as Arcade specifics which unfortunately now cost lots of credits to unlock, but you can still unlock some of the original Lds you might have missed over time through the later Arcade seasons

I think I touched on most things, but if you have any further questions, feel free to PM me

Welcome back!

wednesday 01/03/2017

I believe it's Nespresso, what else. Can't rip them off like that! Tssk tssk.

tuesday 14/02/2017

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