friday 18/03/2011

Im recruiting for my new guild ?id_guild:1290510 it is a new guild so there are no members yet but im hoping there will be plenty here soon. only requirment is being lvl 20+ so just apply and get accepted

thursday 17/03/2011


I write this as a fair and honest warning to fellow guild founders and admins.

Mrlance entered the guild and introduced himself as an honest players however he had no interest in our lotteries or events since we have 3 running at the moment. Instead he posted a list of cards and asked members of the guild to buy his cards at prices hundreds of clintz higher than market value and requested they also sell him high value cards such as graks at a very low price compared to market value. An example of this would be him trying to sell hawkins noel for 500 clintz.When one of my admins told him he was out of order to do so he left our guild.

I am not trying to cause any trouble by this but i think it is only fair as a guild founder of a few years now to let others know.

We are growing bigger everyday smiley go join now smiley

Any star wars fans?

I quit my guild to join yall

Take a look at my guild guild:1171505

wednesday 16/03/2011


Please read and follow these rules:



Please read and follow these rules:


I'm a big fan of Urban-Rivals and have been on for awhile.
I'm addicted but college stops me from playing all the time smiley
I'm looking for a serious guild that likes to max/min decks and find the potential best.
If you're a casual guild, please don't message me smiley

We are friendly & smart players. Join now and discuss about battle strategies and buy cheap characters from fellow guild members. JOIN NOW
Lets become one big family.

Link to guild :

tuesday 15/03/2011

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


You all are too kind smiley

monday 14/03/2011

Myself and another guild member will be getting some new cars soon. Still hoping at least one more person joins.


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