sunday 05/12/2010

Apply to join the Nautical Trident guild! Currently accepting any applicants (lvl 5 and above) and there are no minimum requirements to join.

Your guild's recruitment thread:

Your recruitment thread

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

We want more souls.... I mean people smiley

saturday 04/12/2010

How about guild=1171781 we are very friendly and are in the middle of a huge recruitment so so one o the admins made me admin right away!Oh and by the way Keegan.Spindler you have to put guild before :1180842 for ex. guild:1180842 .



Join my guild called URE Enigma! we would love to have you join! go to my profile page and click on URE Enigma!smiley

Nevermind I joined guild=1171781


Wee need members bad, just started but heading to the top, join us and we will take it over!!!!!! The Legion is Coming!!!!!

Close please already found a guild

Good luck finding a guild smiley

friday 03/12/2010


thursday 02/12/2010

Join The M.O.B! Active boards, i'm on DAILY!

Masters of Battle

Master rivals is looking for anybody so have your friends join with you

wednesday 01/12/2010

The guild still has some room for people who wish to join us. smiley

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