wednesday 03/11/2010

U can come join guild:1064974

tuesday 02/11/2010

All the single ladies,all the single laidiesPut your hands up!
hope you guys,i mean girls,do o.k.

Join dvf

You know you want to join! I'm planning on coming back, just needed to run away (Please Rayce, no more!) but will go back soonish.

Dont forget I made it technically,lol, futura is a great leader, and will always have a guild alliance with Mirror Bound and we will be the best 2 guilds one day!smileysmileysmiley

Hey urbanites

Falasteen is a newly formed guild, we are all about peace.

To join, i ask that you are an active player.

Im new to the game (and addicted), Lets learn collectively and grow together smiley

Peace & Love


3 active events and 4 "win a card thread" currently going on.

Yup, we're that awesome.

Join up now!!

Why not join Heavenly Heights? Lots of players there that may help you. Just check it out for more detailssmiley

monday 01/11/2010

Yeah how, and now we have a guild alliance we agreed onsmiley


Read through those and you'll understand a LOT more. Maybe look through the FAQs, too.

Just pm me..
im not much active at weekdays coz of school, but im active on weekends..


I love how people confuse insanity with being random and being energetic.

sunday 31/10/2010

Hey im looking for a guild who is active and will talk and help often.I am lvl 11 currently and i am willing to learn.I am also rather new so friends would be great too

Mate if that is you in the picture im begging I can join the guild.

Message me. *wink*

Nvr mind i just did you can close this

saturday 30/10/2010

Thanks smiley

To be continued in Leaders : Dawn

To be continued in Leaders : Dawn

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