monday 01/11/2010


Read through those and you'll understand a LOT more. Maybe look through the FAQs, too.

Just pm me..
im not much active at weekdays coz of school, but im active on weekends..


I love how people confuse insanity with being random and being energetic.

sunday 31/10/2010

Hey im looking for a guild who is active and will talk and help often.I am lvl 11 currently and i am willing to learn.I am also rather new so friends would be great too

Mate if that is you in the picture im begging I can join the guild.

Message me. *wink*

Nvr mind i just did you can close this

saturday 30/10/2010

Thanks smiley

To be continued in Leaders : Dawn

To be continued in Leaders : Dawn

Close plz already found a guild

thursday 28/10/2010

Please use this forum:


I think you shouldve also put what you have in your clan, what you have to offer or some things like these..

Exams are soon hurry and joinsmileysmileysmileysmiley

All stars + Piranas ELO Protect

get help making your own ELO decks at the Ravages of Time

were here to help

smiley I dont know what to do........... >.<
I just want a guild.... thats a Complete Retard funny annoying retarded and ramdon guild smiley any takers? smiley

wednesday 27/10/2010

smileySweet guild name

Hey shane, We need a funky person like you in the Wolf Pac wanna join?
Dont pay attention to the requriments (CHECK SPELLING)

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