thursday 21/10/2010

The Society of tue Crimson Sword is open for recruitment or a brief period of time. We are looking for skilled players who need to have a positive win/loose ratio. We want to make a highly skilled guild with top level assassins. In our guild we strive for great honor an tradition. We help eachother every chance we get and stay in communication often. Please, we are looking only for active players, if you are a casual player please do not apply. I you are interested in joining or would like more information please visit us at

We have pretty movies with popcorn... buttered!!!

wednesday 20/10/2010

We love having elo players.......

Thanks for joining us bro

tuesday 19/10/2010

We would love to have you, Knight!
Rem, how could I not? Keep HH alive, its the last remnant of HAE (which I miss dearly). But if you want to visit, if you have no.2 that could take over for a bit, come on down!
Also, what happened to Mean?

Urban Madness Academy.

It's a great guild if you just want to relax and have some fun. You can also show off your cards and share some tactics.

So come along and join PiXeL!

PiXeL Admin


monday 18/10/2010

♔ guild:1096448 ♔ Academia guild:1123787 ♔

> Recruit: ✔ON/OFF - Players from around the world.
> Visit: ✔ON/OFF - Players from around the world.

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Guild:1129500 is a guild you can join that seems a good choice.smiley

You can join guild:1129500

Join up

You need (Recr) in the title

sunday 17/10/2010

You know you want to.....

We are looking for new recruits we currently have 66 members our highest level is 52 we need active players
here is the link-
must be level +12 we do exclusive things as events we give free stuff we help you if you need it
guild leader-madrage contact him or me for more info!!!!

Well to help me please

get a guild member to post on this so that i believe the guild is active(the more ppl the more chance)
and post a hyperlink to an event of the guild(the more events the better)

for the guilds with no activeness or events im sorry but its a no.

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