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sunday 17/10/2010

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Come or Run
Join Madison chamber Today!

In modern warfare 2 loltage we not only kick butt in urban rivals but we will kick even more butt in MW2 so if you like urban rivals and love MW2 please join no requirements needed except one must be xbox thanks.

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Any one who wonts to join can.

Merlin! smiley

You already have a recruitment thread for your Guild, use that one:

Just trying to make things fair for everybody. smiley


This guild is no longer listed, thus it was destroyed, please lock.

This guild is no longer listed, thus it was destroyed, please lock.

saturday 16/10/2010

Ya were are taking level 21 to level 40

friday 15/10/2010

Wanna join Wolf Pac?
Well if you are a level 15 you can, any flag and face is accepted.
Once you become a level 30 you can become andmin like me smiley.
Please Join

With the EPIC spelling/grammar mistakes in the title, you guys could USE some good teachers.


thursday 14/10/2010

If you're a new player looking to make friends or a veteran looking for other experienced players Our last breath is the top choice. Join Our last breath today!

Yea, this is in the wrong section, but anyway, if you loook under the Community heading at the top, under is an option that says 'Prize Draw,' Go in there and you can use your prize draw tickets in the lottery, to possibly win Cr's, and if the last number on your ticket corresponds with the lucky number (random), then you win 100 clintz per ticket

Join The American People.
I'm sure you will like us!smiley

wednesday 13/10/2010


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