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wednesday 13/10/2010

Hello all smiley,

I Made a new international Guild guild:1123892.
For people who wants starts a fresh start, come and take a look to my guild.
For people who wants to have fun and active at the same.
For people who wants to learn more about playing UR.

The requirements are easy.
- Min. lvl 50
- Activity at the boards.

So people join my new fresh Guild, and have a great time smiley.


Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1122498 My links Don't always work so here.

My name is AntiAngel Devels Drop's founder we are a new guild and have no members yet but we will become stronger and become one of the best guilds out there.

looking for level 10 plus memberes and 2 admins or just some advice.

Thanks Anti

Merlin is a legend in his own way smiley
We are newbs, more fun that way! smiley

tuesday 12/10/2010

Sorry Anvil, slight deathspin ~an hour before you became active, everyone got sucked out. Sorry.
Good luck!

Actually close it plz mods

I jst cnt make my mind up lolz smiley

Hello everybody, let me introduce you to TEAM UK; the No1 UK only guild (To be)!!!!

We are currently 13th in the UK and 1003rd in the world. We are accepting anyone lv 20+. If you are less than lv 20 join anyway but level up quick!! For morre information check out: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1061071 .

See you soon, TUK_In

Close plz he already found a great looking guild smiley

monday 11/10/2010

He not going to be onlinee ever....unless he made a third acount....smiley

sunday 10/10/2010

I have decided im not up to guild hosting(Being the founder and all) my last guild failed so i decided just to join a good active guild with lots of forum topics and lots of events to do.

There are some guilds in mind

Urban Madness

But im going to search some more that i like

Sadly we no longer exist


saturday 09/10/2010


Cloze plz he found a guild already

Meant to put [recr]...

friday 08/10/2010

You guild is guild:1105931 not Hell's Core. Please make a new recruitment thread smiley

thursday 07/10/2010

U had a good run at tryin to make your own guild, guess it didnt work. best of luck to u smiley

Come join the Underworld Demon Elite!! Its a new Guild so that means I need new members!!!! Any level can join and with your help we can make this Guild one of the strongest there is. I want this guild to be known for its fairness and its strength. I want people to recognize the Guild as one of the best. But this is only possible if you JOIN ASAP!!! Join the Guild and show that you have the Burning Will!!


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