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tuesday 05/10/2010


I am looking to build an elite group of executioners. People with not only skill, but the will to carry out that last fatal blow.

I just want people to have fun in this guild but at the same time be excellent gamers. If you feel you can fit this role please join. Please be active. And go forth and execute to the best of your abilities

monday 04/10/2010

I don`t think that guild is real
so join Madison`s Chamber

Join Venal Existence, we are a guild if like or want to learn how to bluff.

We are accepting anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunday 03/10/2010

So we still are here of course smiley in search of some members who can put the Elo to a higher level in here smiley

we offer the same as before riches beyond your wildest dreams , if you are willing to follow the Pfull program we offer

or our investment tips of course smiley

get in while you can smiley

You should join my guild!!!!

Um no. Filipinos speak english and tagalog not spanish...stereotypist. o_O

Power bros.
Bros as in brothers, haha~

Currently only 2 people are in, the Elric bros.smiley
Haha, it's me and my bro.smiley

Just for fun~

Guild:1047828 smiley

Recruitment is over, we've had 44 successful new applicants smiley

Please close

saturday 02/10/2010

Please close this recruitment thread as it is outdated. And also, please approve our new Rec thread. Thankssmileysmiley

You tend not to get as great members if they join just at the promise of power.The first five members usually end up admin anyway

I'd seggest intergalacticplanetary guild even though we are awesome we want to be big

@x Lime x,you do know that he has a guild already?Oh and if you did any you were trying to recruit him to your guild,frut Blast,I am not sure that a level 80 would like to go to a guild with 5 low level members and the leader is a level 10.No offence though,good luck to your guild...

friday 01/10/2010


Join his guild Angel is a cool kat and he'll look after and help the ppl in his guild so give guild:1108847 a try

thursday 30/09/2010

Your doing it wrong mingau. You need to do the all-powerful


The only way I've seen it done.

wednesday 29/09/2010

What are your rules?

I play via iPhone and I'm wondering if the mobile limitations would prevent me from being a rule following member.

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