wednesday 01/09/2010

Best of luck to your guild.

Joim my academy, guild:1039132. They are packed with fun and lead by a...Natural born leader XD
And Argos, it's HT smiley


tuesday 31/08/2010

Close plz mods


monday 30/08/2010

Great new founder....mad as hell...but still good solid guild..join them now...smiley

Please leave ur funny line's to youre own topic plz... you don't see me posting such funny line's as these on ur topic smileysmiley
Holland Supreme on Top!

Good luck to finding your guild but most guilds I would offer you require a high-ish minimum level.

However, guild:949330 is run by a good friend of mine, and I would highly recommend that guild as I know most of the members and they are quite awesome and nice smiley


sunday 29/08/2010

Follow me to the top cause thats where were going
to join you must have these skills
1. be at level 5
2. speak english good or bad
3. be green or gold in expired games
4. be active in the message board
5. think outside the box
6. and have fun
we'll be waiting outside to greet you

The Young Rebels is looking for members. Be first 3 to join and you have the option to become an admin. We're looking for mainly Bangers, Junkz, Ulu Watu, and Roots. No Sentinels or Uppers. Skeelz are okay. All levels are welcome. Join the YOUNG REBELS!!

Here in Gorilla Mafia we are a fun and active guild wich provide help and service for members. If you need any help with anything you can ask one of the admins that are always ready to help another. We will be having events and guild giveaways often, one is already in progress.We also stride for greatness and victory. So if you want to join a fun and active guild were nice people are always around to help you then join Gorilla Mafia guild:1064974

saturday 28/08/2010

Oh YEAH! A new guild in town!

Currently #1 in ELO ranking in Greece!

We also have lots of cookies! Come by and check us!

|==== guild:1072058 ====|

Hello 2 all . I'm just new here and i starting to like this game smiley unluckily, i spent my 20 credits at the shop hoping that i can sell my cards , but i misread it smiley and i only realized just now that i can only sell if i will buy credits smiley now, im really disappointed . are credits really important in this game ?


friday 27/08/2010

Come to my guild the epics

the epics

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