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saturday 09/10/2010


Cloze plz he found a guild already

Meant to put [recr]...

friday 08/10/2010

You guild is guild:1105931 not Hell's Core. Please make a new recruitment thread smiley

thursday 07/10/2010

U had a good run at tryin to make your own guild, guess it didnt work. best of luck to u smiley

Come join the Underworld Demon Elite!! Its a new Guild so that means I need new members!!!! Any level can join and with your help we can make this Guild one of the strongest there is. I want this guild to be known for its fairness and its strength. I want people to recognize the Guild as one of the best. But this is only possible if you JOIN ASAP!!! Join the Guild and show that you have the Burning Will!!


Mods u should close this, he's in a guild. be EZ smiley

wednesday 06/10/2010

tuesday 05/10/2010


Do you want to join a guild so people stop pestering you? Do you want to maintain an ambivalent state? Would you rather just have a guild that you can be impartial with and not have people you don't know bemoan their troubles to you? Look no further! Don't worry, I promise you don't have to care.

Join now if you are in the mood, I guess.

I can help get rid of the worlds demons!!!!
we would be very happy to you with us!!!!

We are here to rid the world of all of her demons!!!!
discounts on all of the double characters i get!!!!


I am looking to build an elite group of executioners. People with not only skill, but the will to carry out that last fatal blow.

I just want people to have fun in this guild but at the same time be excellent gamers. If you feel you can fit this role please join. Please be active. And go forth and execute to the best of your abilities

monday 04/10/2010

I don`t think that guild is real
so join Madison`s Chamber

Join Venal Existence, we are a guild if like or want to learn how to bluff.

We are accepting anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunday 03/10/2010

So we still are here of course smiley in search of some members who can put the Elo to a higher level in here smiley

we offer the same as before riches beyond your wildest dreams , if you are willing to follow the Pfull program we offer

or our investment tips of course smiley

get in while you can smiley

You should join my guild!!!!

Um no. Filipinos speak english and tagalog not spanish...stereotypist. o_O

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