wednesday 18/08/2010

Send me a message. My current guild is really inactive. D:

Im trying to get some of the "better" cards in the game... and as all new comers know, It's hard. If there's any generous people out there in the UR community willing to put forth a few cards for my benefit I would gladly appreciate it!smiley
And of course i'm not going to beg anyone, but if your amongst the generous people in the UR community then just send a message with anything...(battle tips, card tips, cards, etc!)

Next time make a quick link connected to your guild, artemis shouldnt have to for everyone all the time. You guys have a great founder, you probably have a good guild toosmiley

Please realize that in my post, the naked man isn't exactly seducing lulabie, but is being helped as he was recently SHOT.(OOOH! Tying into the main story!)

tuesday 17/08/2010

Will you be a brother?

the brother is a friend to all, displaying graciousness in the face of vistory, and courage in the face of defeat. he lends a shoulder to all and is akways dependable, always works towards the top, and is kind and respectful.
these are the laws of brotherhood.
all can be brothers, but few will try.
trust and be trusted, to be the brother.

accepting all who will be the brother

Wanna join EXCALIBUR?

monday 16/08/2010

Why when i click on Organized Konfuzion it goes to Paladin Monkeys?

Hey why haven't you joined yet? Everyone is doing it???? Help the guild grow, we need you! smiley

Hmmm, just find four people who doesn't want to be bugged like you or i could get 2 friends' old accounts to join the guild to help you uphold it, they retired and don't really use their accs, i could just get them to join after they log on again( they do that once in a while)


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

Join guild:202991

its a large guild but were very nice an taek any lvl who wonts to join a guild an be treated as they wont to be treated.
i hope you consider this guild. you will have so much fun.

The guild is called all lvls can join, this guild is for those who just don't like being in a guild with a specific level that they would have to have. This guild will accept you for whatever level you are, I'm in it and it's a GREATT guild. So join if you don't want to be judged by your level.

sunday 15/08/2010

[LFG] + Title
Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.

Ok close this thread.. i found 1 smiley

saturday 14/08/2010

Http:// read it CAREFULLY

Very good, glad to see your (rp)ing too!

Its got to do with your internet connection and the life of UR sometimes will say that no opponent found. Try different rooms if you think its a bug, DZ is always filled and so id FC so they will 9 times out of 10 will accept with quickness.smiley

friday 13/08/2010

We r wat ur looking for i just started playin survivor mode and BM squib is very experienced

KotU is the successor of a guild that existed back in 2008, called Legions of Savages. We like to keep things simple, and the member list short. (though we of course need at least 4 members... soonish)
We don't have a level limit, but we do require that our recruits be active (not necessarily very good) players...
We also only accept people who can make themselves understood in english smiley

So...! We're here for fun, not to reach the top...
and for all we care, you could play all day and everyday in T2 and never even enter the elo/dm/survivor rooms.

So! if you're looking for such a guild as KotU.. please join! guild:1059319


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