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thursday 16/09/2010

L.T.R is a freash new guild after leading other guilds to success. This guild is open to anyone that wishes to join! i enjoy helping out low level people. there will be short newsletters each week to help improve your strategy and give your tips and tricks on clans and cards. Not to mention competition! im known for being very generous, and the more generous others are, the more generous i will be! This guild was just made, and already i have 2 contests with prizes going on! So come and learn how to play this great and fun game, and learn tips and tricks, and acquire some new cards in Learning The Ropes!


Hello, and thanks for clicking!

I'm new to the game, and I'm looking for a guild who will help me out by discussing strategy and giving me some pointers. After some time, I'm sure I can give back to a guild by helping its newer members in the same way. I see a lot of helpful looking guilds posted, but most of them want higher level players. It may be a bit lazy of me, but I'm hoping someone will find me instead.

I'm not new to trading card games, over the years I've played MTG, pokemon, and yugioh. I know this game is a lot different, but I think some of the strategic thinking sticks with me. I'm new, but I don't think I'm terrible; if it matters I did place 134th in the last daily tournament; I'd say that's pretty good for a level 13 smiley I also have a "100% fair play rating" if it matters.

I can't say I have any long term goals as of yet. Winning and making money is always fun, but I'm not the most eager person to see my name on top of a scoreboard, nor do I *need* to be rich. I think the most enjoyment I get out of any game is finding like-minded people to talk to about it.

If you are interested in having me join your guild, or wish to discuss things in further detail, please let me know. I check my in-game mail daily as well as the message boards. I'm also willing to talk over Instant Messenger, but ask first in private.

Thanks again for reading.

I am a level 30 with a near-complete Nightmare collection (I have the expensive ones, just not the cheap, below-500 ones), half the All-Stars, all the Vortex (minus Dregn), and fair amount of LaJunta and Piranas. Problem is I am still having trouble getting over 1200 in Elo now that I've been playing elo for a month. I need a guild that can help in elo strategy. Send me PM, don't comment.

the dynamite fuses wants you could become the next impactful player in the dyamite fuses we are a fun guild what have competitions and events infact im hosting one now my first ever event feel free to join my guild and my event or both the only thing is you got to be able to speak and understand english hope to see you in my guild smileysmileysmiley


tuesday 14/09/2010

Im looking for a lowerlevel guild, one that has members that appreciate help and advice on strategy, cards, and clans. preferably no level minimum as i do not feel that it is fair that anyone should be denied the right to have fun and get advice. If its a very low leveled guild with active members, i will be more than happy to host competitions and give out prizes. I would like an admin spot for helping out, though i understand if you would want to wait on giving up an admin position until you see what i have to offer.

and those that are lev 20+, i would encourage you to enter my former guild, higher than heaven. they have exellent and now commited leaders who are willing to share help and teach. very exellent guild. i just needed to leave to get back to my old ways of helping others out that are among the lower levels because their academy merged with their guild and set level restrictions.

thank you very much for you time-

The Knights of the Realm are a new guild for British players only.

You should join us if:
smiley You are looking for a fresh challenge
smiley You want some hints on how to build a good deck
smiley You want the chance to win cards from your guild

What will the guild do for me?
In this guild, we will help each other progress. There will be many events to take part in, lots of competitions to win cards, FAQ's for all to read and add to, and most of all, an active group of players who just want to have fun!

How can I join?
As a new guild, we are currently accepting all levels, but please note that restrictions will come into effect in due course.

Go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1092974 to join the Knights of the Realm today!!

Im lookin for an active guild.
i get at least 1200 ELO
i have every skeelz card and alot of junta includin emeth (but i do tend to change clans)


This Guild is for those who want to have fun and take it to the next level. This is the Academy of the Elite Trinity which you need to be a level 30 to enter. So those from the United States under level 30 should apply for this guild and I look forward to meeting you! Please join!

Heres the link! ---> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1091797

monday 13/09/2010

Recruiting now! smiley

Close plz he is no longer single smileysmileysmiley

sunday 12/09/2010

Good luck with your guild =)

PS: This is the hyperlink


UR is a great game ! Im just new here and I kinda like the atmosphere here . smiley I play everyday since the first day. Is there anyone there who can give me advices for improved gaming experience ? (or whatsoever) As you can see, Im still a student and I cant afford credits smiley I'll just work my way up I guess.

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The Cunning Gambit Is nice and helpful , our leader is a master of the mono elo piranas and will help you out mith most elo decks. They Have Weekly Giveaways and are quite active !

saturday 11/09/2010

Hey, check us out: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=653309

Name- iAREwulf / Justin
Age - 20
Location - USA
Level - 10

Hello everyone! I am a relatively new player to UR but i am looking to join a great guild with lots of experienced players that are helpful and knowledgeable...i have the basics down pretty well but now i want to become a bit more competitive! if you wish to know anything else before asking me to join, feel free and i will answer back as soon as possible! also, i would like to point out that my fair play rating is a bit biased due to the fact that i also have this app on my ipod which is entirely dependent on the quality of the wifi...i have never willingly quit from a game, all of my "quits" were time outs from inactivity due to loss of connection. sorry lol believe me when i say that my wifi is an absolute annoyance....anyways, hope to hear back from prospective guilds soon! feel free to PM me as well smiley

Keep on joining poeple

I guess the day he posted this forum is the last day will see him ever in UR again smiley

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