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sunday 12/09/2010

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The Cunning Gambit Is nice and helpful , our leader is a master of the mono elo piranas and will help you out mith most elo decks. They Have Weekly Giveaways and are quite active !

saturday 11/09/2010

Hey, check us out: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=653309

Name- iAREwulf / Justin
Age - 20
Location - USA
Level - 10

Hello everyone! I am a relatively new player to UR but i am looking to join a great guild with lots of experienced players that are helpful and knowledgeable...i have the basics down pretty well but now i want to become a bit more competitive! if you wish to know anything else before asking me to join, feel free and i will answer back as soon as possible! also, i would like to point out that my fair play rating is a bit biased due to the fact that i also have this app on my ipod which is entirely dependent on the quality of the wifi...i have never willingly quit from a game, all of my "quits" were time outs from inactivity due to loss of connection. sorry lol believe me when i say that my wifi is an absolute annoyance....anyways, hope to hear back from prospective guilds soon! feel free to PM me as well smiley

Keep on joining poeple

I guess the day he posted this forum is the last day will see him ever in UR again smiley

friday 10/09/2010

If you want to be in an active guild,join us!We want to reach the top of the Hungarian Rankings,and maybe more..
minimal requirments are: be active, to speak English, lvl 20; Den of Urban Masters 30+ automaticaly accepted as Admins

...or if you are under lvl 20 , then join : guild:908354 15+ are Admins

fight well.. smiley

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Lol , you were also known as 0 Comedian , were you not ?

wednesday 08/09/2010

Now only accepting english speakers...

tuesday 07/09/2010

Hi! I'm Raziel, and I'm a proud member of The Cunning Gambit . We're very fun, active and above level 25.

We would love to have your company!

We have give aways, recurrent events, and we're simply a happy bunch.

If u r lower than 25, u can join our Academy, The Cunning Gambit Academy! .

We can give u tips, complement, and green your card comments and your PP's.

Our dear friend offwithherhead hosts WEEKLY giveaways, and, just to see the kind of person he is, he is giving away 2 Kreens! Yeah!

So, if u want, come 1, and invite your friends 2!

Hoping u will join,


We have tournaments every week, give aways, funny conversations and games plus me and my admins r always there 2 help u when u need it no matter how big or small the issue is. we are a close guild so were all friends so come join guild:1064974 the required lvl has changed to 25+


You need [Recr] In the title and a link to your guild.

Hi. Nice to see you

monday 06/09/2010

Why did i got expelled? o_O;;

sunday 05/09/2010

Guild:1083099 smiley

Good Luck smileysmiley

Close plz

he has already been taken smileysmiley

Thank you 0 M1S4 C4MP0

I started about 2yrs ago i got stuck with montana/gheist

Recruitment level lowered to 15 smiley

saturday 04/09/2010

We are always looking for more friendly faces. smiley

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