sunday 01/08/2010

Hey guilds of UR, Im looking for a guild to stay in for a home, Im a fair player, I make about 5000 or more battle points a week, I have a will to not give up, I work hard, I have a good sense of humor, HIGHLY ACTIVE, can do almost anything for a guild Im in, and will take my orders and fufill my duties to earn my respectsmiley

We need more people to join smiley

saturday 31/07/2010

Sorry. I'm new to this stuff.

Close plz she already found a guild

Close plz i dnt think we will be recruiting new members soon


Still recruiting? smiley

*knock-knock* Still recruiting? smiley


Pls delete this thread ..smiley

Admin please close, we already have a thread.

friday 30/07/2010

Thanks TP, join now

Looking for guild but for level 15 only.

Are you as smart as an ape? As strong as a Bear? As wise as an Owl? As swift as a hare? Or feel the presence of an animal in you? Then you may have what it takes to be a Silver Beast. Join now for a good Guild experience.

We maybe a new Guild, but with your help, we can try to make it one of the best.

Im not leaving, Im hear to stay for a while

Im a new player looking to have fun, I might join a guild and I play hard and want to be a all around good player in all clanssmiley

Hello, Im new here. Just got the app on my iTouch and man am I happy. Ive been waiting almost a year for this and now Im really hoping an app comes out for Android phones. Anyway, great game. Im going to go play a little now matter of fact.

thursday 29/07/2010

This is my guild we are looking to expand in your area you could be a good start for that and we are very social so advice is always floating around heres our link

813 members hope you join an help make this guild better

Hey invite your friends come and join .. or come and check it out.

once enough members, will be holding monthley lotery's, events, and will have good prizes for the winners.
So feel free to drop by and check it out at
Click on APPLY TO GUILD once i get the msg i will be accepting all canadians 25+

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