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thursday 26/08/2010

I'm not that active but they still keep me in the guild :=) very nice of them !

Join the (in)Sanity !

Want A Fun Respectful Guild?

The Join guild:1047828

-Levels 41+
- Play Reguraly

Our Guild Is Very Socializable We Make Many Different Subjects On Our Message Board Of All Sorts Like Tactics,Presets,Events And More!

You'll Be Aprat Of The Family, As Liong As You Follow The Rules Of Our Guild Were More Than Happy To Have You!
So Please Come And Join Us!


The Team
Ghetto life

We Await Your Accompany smiley

wednesday 25/08/2010

Sounds like a Decent new guild is starting! Count me in!

Wat up, i just started my and im looking 4 good plyers & your more than welcome 2 join mine

Hmm... I'd suggest
A) finding a better translator
B) Staying in your national language.
English is a bit too difficult for most translators to handle, we seem to have invented our own quirks here and there which machines can't handle.


Sorry found a guild...... mods close please smileysmiley

tuesday 24/08/2010

(NOTE TO THE SUBJECT VALIDATER: Lance Robinson is not the name of anyone in the guild. The P.O. box number is not a real po box number, but rather the guild's number. Was just trying to be creative and breaking away from the traditional recruitment thread.)

All escaped inmates from the CIA Asylum are requested to return soon, before the warden brings you back himself.

Newsletter for the Asylum:

No longer hiring security guards, Roberts has returned to his evening post.

Cage fight tournament this weekend. The asylum doesnt allow for large gatherings, so opponents will have to get with each other for when they want to fight. Tourny will go on until its finished, obviously.

The records desk closes at different times each night, it doesnt have set hours. So, prospective inmates will have to leave their records in the dropbox overnight. All records will be processed by the desk worker first thing in the morning.

For more information on the asylum, or to phone one of the current inmates, please mail your letter to:

Lance "The Madman" Robinson
Warden's Office, CIA Asylum
Clint City, Somewhere in the World
P.O. Box number: 1069402

Certifiable Insaniacs Anonymous
(We are a guild for those who wish to break away from the norm. We plan on having fairly regular events, all of which will be held in the guilds private room. Events will not be monotonous smash em ups, but will have interesting restrictions. Ive run out of space to put more, but contact me if you have questions.)

Why don't you check us out, really just started this guild, but we have some hope's lol

1. Open to all levels
2. Looking for people that may be on often.
3. generally nice people


monday 23/08/2010

It.... I said it... ooh I said the word again smiley

Awesome name for an amazing movie smiley

Hey everyone. This is mostly a guild for americans, and english speaking players. The minimum level is 10, but if you prove yourself you may join as well.
Perks include,
-Helpful guild members
-Deck advice and tips
-Overall kick ass team to join
-and much more!
Join now and lets get this rollin (:

Yes, we're back! guild:1022600 is still trying to find new members to be promoted into guild:1022600. We are slowly growing in activeness and members, and are a very fun guild. We have multiple contests, a deck help area, and a very fun, laid back atmosphere. If you're looking for a smaller guild, SLH is the guild for you! The requirements are,

Must be at least level five, blame Kate for that one.
You must be active on the boards, or else you will be banned.
Green smilies are requested, but not required.
Follow the rules!

Thanks for posting mods, and please close/delete the other thread.

sunday 22/08/2010

Join House of Rivalz if you are a series elo player and hope to improve your game as of right now i dont have much but with your support we will become an established elo guild. To read about my goal just go 2 guild and look at description

sincerly, MTKL

Guild is rising. Two new, very active, members in one week who'd like to boost this guild a bit. Interested? Join!

New gang, open to any levels, and english speaking members.
I am looking for a few admins to help out also.
Apply if interested!


Ronnie is funny this season XD

Ok thanks for the advice and cool i would like to join your crew:smiley

saturday 21/08/2010


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