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monday 23/08/2010

Hey everyone. This is mostly a guild for americans, and english speaking players. The minimum level is 10, but if you prove yourself you may join as well.
Perks include,
-Helpful guild members
-Deck advice and tips
-Overall kick ass team to join
-and much more!
Join now and lets get this rollin (:

Yes, we're back! guild:1022600 is still trying to find new members to be promoted into guild:1022600. We are slowly growing in activeness and members, and are a very fun guild. We have multiple contests, a deck help area, and a very fun, laid back atmosphere. If you're looking for a smaller guild, SLH is the guild for you! The requirements are,

Must be at least level five, blame Kate for that one.
You must be active on the boards, or else you will be banned.
Green smilies are requested, but not required.
Follow the rules!

Thanks for posting mods, and please close/delete the other thread.

sunday 22/08/2010

Join House of Rivalz if you are a series elo player and hope to improve your game as of right now i dont have much but with your support we will become an established elo guild. To read about my goal just go 2 guild and look at description

sincerly, MTKL

Guild is rising. Two new, very active, members in one week who'd like to boost this guild a bit. Interested? Join!

New gang, open to any levels, and english speaking members.
I am looking for a few admins to help out also.
Apply if interested!


Ronnie is funny this season XD

Ok thanks for the advice and cool i would like to join your crew:smiley

saturday 21/08/2010


Please post your thread here:

Feel free to join The Cunning Gambit Acadamy, well help u if u need smiley

We help new players get strong and fight to win with strong players. We are W.U.U.R.P (Worldwide United Urban Rivals Players) http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1067111

Thanks for the information

friday 20/08/2010

We help new player get strong and fight to win with strong players. We are W.U.U.R.P.(Worldwide United Urban Rivals Players) http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1067111

My guild W.U.U.R.P is new, I need someone like you that will help us in the begining and be a very good player after that

Why join a regular guild when you could join a guild with a really cool name? Can't think of a reason? Neither can I.

Your more than welcome to join Gorilla Mafia

We are still recruiting and if you guys wanna join then please do!smiley

No requirements, anyone can join this fun and competitive guild!

thursday 19/08/2010

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