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sunday 15/08/2010

[LFG] + Title
Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.

Ok close this thread.. i found 1 smiley

saturday 14/08/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=589854&subject_page=0 read it CAREFULLY

Very good, glad to see your (rp)ing too!

Its got to do with your internet connection and the life of UR sometimes will say that no opponent found. Try different rooms if you think its a bug, DZ is always filled and so id FC so they will 9 times out of 10 will accept with quickness.smiley

friday 13/08/2010

We r wat ur looking for i just started playin survivor mode and BM squib is very experienced

KotU is the successor of a guild that existed back in 2008, called Legions of Savages. We like to keep things simple, and the member list short. (though we of course need at least 4 members... soonish)
We don't have a level limit, but we do require that our recruits be active (not necessarily very good) players...
We also only accept people who can make themselves understood in english smiley

So...! We're here for fun, not to reach the top...
and for all we care, you could play all day and everyday in T2 and never even enter the elo/dm/survivor rooms.

So! if you're looking for such a guild as KotU.. please join! guild:1059319


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the courtyard of shadows would love another high level player! We are a huge guild with over 100 members. You will never feel lonely!

thursday 12/08/2010

Please use the Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley



You need [Recr] in the title.

I have a few guilds in mind now to choose one

I now joined The Cunning Gambit Academy!

wednesday 11/08/2010

Are you looking for a guild?
Are you level 9 or above?
Are you an active player?

If you answered yes to all of these then why not join the Incorporeal Lords?

We are a guild devoted to bettering our strategies and our decks. We focus on game types like elo, and deathmatch but welcome all types of player and offer all the help and advice we can.

We will be hosting guild tourneys and giveaways once we have enough members, not to mention various other events when the time arises.

So if you qualify and are interested in joining, please feel free to apply.

Here is our guild link:

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

My current guild is inactive so i'm looking for a new one, I'm lvl 46 i need a guild that is active on forums i prefer English or Filipino talking guilds

hmm what more to say?

Im not really active i only play 2-4 times a week and i really suck at elo smiley

Not to name drop or anything (which I'm about to do) but even Euzebe & Yami Prem graced our numbers for a time. It's great to have guests & greater still to have new members. Can you help us reach that greater level?


You need [Recr] in the title and a link to your guild.

A fun gulid founded by a excellent and generous leader!

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