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friday 06/08/2010

You should join Saver s gate, we are a growing guild and have a lvl 15+ requrement

thursday 05/08/2010

We made a litle change in our admissions to the guild...

to join New Generation you must have acomplished one of these 3 things:
1- elo rec of 1250 or superior
2- 5 top50 in dts
3- have a 10 rec in survivor or more

We are looking for 4 dedicated people at the moment. Lvl might not matter depending on how you play.We need social people, people who love to play and most importantly, dedicated people who plan to grow with our guild.


You'll get more respect if you talk with me first.

Hi, Are You A Top DT Player?
Top Elo Player?
Top DM Player?
Top Survivor Player?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions Then guild:1051126 Is The Guild For You.

We Specialize In Helping Players Expand And Grow And Whichever Game Mode They're Most Suited Too.

With Events, Tournaments And A New 'Rise Of The Elite' Coming Soon For Under 35's Anyone Is Welcome.

Apply Now Any Country However We Do Ask You Too Speak English Since All Current Members Are.

Join guild:1051126 Today

I applied for membership, but it sat at pending for quite a while, so I withdrew.

wednesday 04/08/2010

We are a new guild and we search Member.
Level 5-150
A good deck
A fight with me
Looking howard to hear from you!

And a link to your guild, please read the rules smiley

tuesday 03/08/2010

Need help learning how to play with the best in UR?
Do you like Pizza or Air Max's or Anime or all 3?
Do you like to exchange your thoughts and ideas about UR(and a million other things)?
Do you like winning great cards & clintz in Bi-Monthly Events?
Do you like not wasting your time with other guilds?


Hi KuruptedBlood here but you may call me Phil.

I Created This Guild About A Week Ago 8 Members And Growing Everyday!
Im Here To Invite Any Canadians that love to play this game to come and join up with us !
I Like to keep in contact with all my members and stay friendly trying to build a big family here and have fun!

Whats Good About Our Guild:
Friendly Attitude smiley
All Active Members!
Help Eachother Level Up !
Chance For Advancement To Admin Spot (show us how dedicated you are and depending on how many pts you make weekly !

If any of that sound good To You Then Come Apply !

Ps. I speak French And English smiley


And thank you for the comment Force! (:


Congratulations to our leader for having 100% of the non-cr characters smiley smiley smiley smiley
But nobody's joined our guild yet smiley

Just give our guild a try or THE WRATH OF ZEUS THUNDERER BE WITH YE and we're just gonna be smiley

Come join us

I wanna join an elite guild i think


monday 02/08/2010

Herm... Just so you know, in your description you say their were twelve people and that the names of the NINE were...
Slight coherence issue.

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Guild:1039132 is a nice guild. We're an entry guild into Higher than Heaven, which you meet the requirements for already. So if you're as active as you say you are, you could be promoted as soon as HAE opens their doors again!

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Guild:1039132 would love to have you. We are a gateway guild into Higher than Heaven, which you meet the requirements for so you will be first on the list to enter. We are becoming pretty active, and we're a pretty fun guild to be in until you're promoted into HAE.

Hi Cherokeean! guild:1039132 would love to have you. We are a gateway into the amazing guild Higher Than Heaven, but I like to think we're a nice guild on our own. We have two experts on Freaks decks (one of them being myself) and would love to give you any help you need. So keep guild:1039132 in mind as an option!

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