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thursday 24/06/2010

Oh i didn't know maybe that why no one interested

Good. Bad. Im the guy with the gun.

Cry Havoc and let loose the Dogs of War!
All levels accepted smiley


I have chosen TDO, see ya

wednesday 23/06/2010

Please read:

Close this please. I'm going to make a new thread. This one is not up to date.

Join the Urban Aliance founded 2009 just click here http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=705941 smiley

Dang I didnt know, sorry and thanks Wicersmiley

Read the game's rules, it helps.

tuesday 22/06/2010

This is a new guild and needs members to stay alive.
If you are looking for a great active guild and to make some friends along the way then join now! To join you must be:
Active in game and forum.
There will be many messages on the guild message board to keep you guys interested.
levels 20 and up.


Come join Criminals in Action. We have lots of free card giveaways where you can win cards daily. We have lots of discussion about deck strategy and plenty of people to help you with your deck. Come check us out.


Hmm so many choices.

May I suggest Bliss or Urban Madness.
I would say Open Casket (my guild smiley ) but we are not recruiting anymore.

monday 21/06/2010

We are now recruiting lvl 10 + plus players that speak english and are active we are guild:992453



As Wicer said smiley

sunday 20/06/2010


New guild, Level 10 and up..
Our goal is to try to get members using the best Characters from all clans together, and to get this guild as well known as possible.

Alright, the link again is:


Peace out,


Happiness and sadness
We can't share all of it ,
But we can to some extent
That is the guild
One people's happiness is everyone's happiness
One people's anger is everyone's anger
One people's tears is everyone's tears
You don't have suffer with guilt
Our thoughts should reach you
Raise your head
You're the member of [F]airy[T]ail

that's our motto
we're the place that you can share everything
No Level recruitment
just be active and polite
and for other guild , we accept any job
like help in the event
just need a little cost

Join us

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