monday 19/04/2010

Well...our guild is still doing pretty well, friendly as hell as well


Revenue in this guild: we founded the guild of the European Union stronger than all!
Ignore the number of members or their level: soon we will grow together as one big family!
English spoken forum.

Nood looking for good guild message me if interested.


sunday 18/04/2010

Thank you for all of your wonderful help! I couldn't have failed with you! Oh wait! I still have some time left. yeah....just do what you've been doing and pretend this message doesn't exist.

We're getting bigger.

saturday 17/04/2010


there are 4 lines

1. 'm level 40 or higher
2. get 10,000 points in the month.
3. speaking and reading English
4. keep it nice.

want you there, sign up as soon as possible because before you know it's too late!smiley

Np I did the same thing. U might want to do a new one with the link in it.(info in the hyper link thread) XD

friday 16/04/2010

How you want to recruit without a link?!


Im fair. I'll give help if its needed and even if its not. The guild is open to all who wish to join we accept all nation
any 1 who what to be apart of a team/family come join us I hate to say it but like John Cena says "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect". Thats what we are about.

Join now if u wanna make a new step i URsmileysmiley

thursday 15/04/2010

Join Savageness today. Anyone can join. Get your friends to join. We will not turn them away. We are just starting out and need active members to prosper.
Cya there!

I'm not a noob anymore. It's time for me to find an active and stronger guild. Let me see what guilds are out there. Let me know what you're looking for. Go ahead and ask any questions you like. Hope this works. smiley

wednesday 14/04/2010

Close Plz i going to join guild:915376 .

This is a new guild that focuses on helping new players learn all about UR accepting all lvls

tuesday 13/04/2010

Haha lol my bad please close mods
thanks a bunch

monday 12/04/2010

Hells Angels

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