thursday 08/04/2010

Guild:927216 are Accepting All Levels for this time and this time ONLY!
We are a helping guild that will teach you new strategies, tactics and tips.
We are players that all kinds of Tournaments.
There are Guild Lotteries to help you win more Clintz&Cards
This is the best Guild for Newcomers and Veterans.
If you want a fun, but yet an Iron Clad Guild... This is your Chance.

-We are an English speaking guild (Can use Translators)
-You must be lvl 20 and above to Apply
-You must be Active.
"Resistance is futile"

I would like to join TCA university, but I am only level 17... I have 1100 in ELO right now and am fairly active... I guess I will try again in a week or so.

wednesday 07/04/2010

Active on the board
events sooner or later
and more!!!

tuesday 06/04/2010

Cmon we're still recruiting

Please close this thread since the initial Revan's Nest no longer exists.

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Guild:923868 . It's a new guild


monday 05/04/2010

Will it really work/and will we get our cheats through our messages?smiley

So what has changed in the past year , i heard of the new CR's i knew it would be those too i had a strong feeling xD

saturday 03/04/2010

JOIN or ELSE!!! Else = im gonna keep bothering you to join.

We now have 2 admins. Join now! You don't have to wait more than a day to get accepted.

friday 02/04/2010

If your, over level 20, have an american flag, and have a good fair play rating (green face or higher) I would love if you applied to my guild.

@We'll see.

Lvl 25+ join!
(You don't have to be Canadian. It is for all English speakers)

Thanks, I personally only use Ulu Watu not to sure about the others but I am sure they are just as good

Are you looking for a guild?

if you are , join guild:920079 and have lots of fun

to join you can be any level but sensible.The benifit of joining B2B is that you will have fun and help with your levels.

Bonus: if you are level 20 or over you will become admin

regards , Tornados

wednesday 31/03/2010

We are looking for players of all levels that want to join a guild

click on the link to join

You arent even in the guild, that is really suspicous

Right now we are doing a guild challenge (that hopefully will get our newer members active) where you can win a 0xp page cr and i will be doing another for a geuner cr

The Architects is a new guild I've created. Obviously themed after architecture. I'm looking for some midly decent active elo players who wouldn't mind joining a new guild to share some knowledge and maybe play some events in the future. If you are interested... it out.

Try gladiators you will find events weekly giveaways randow fun posting & strategy tactics
i suggest trying our guild out for a week or even a day & if your not satisfied maybe another gjuild may meet your needs but best of luck in finding the guild 4 u

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