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sunday 09/05/2010

Join for awesomeness

You already have a recruitment thread, please use that one smiley

Wrong forum. Please re-post on Sales, purchases and auctions smiley

Then change ur name

saturday 08/05/2010

This is a level 15+ clan socially active and we also give cards away at certain times just for you inviting a player to the guild.Join Son of Saints for awesome medium leveled players aiming to get to the top!!!

Guild:923868 is looking for new recruits!
We have constant topics that provides help for all players were we can share out ideas.
I set up guild events to match wits and win prizes and clintz!
There are only 13 of us at the moment but we plan to expand and become BIG SQUAD OF THE CENTURY!

all we ask is you be:
Level 20+
Green face or better
Active in game and on the discussion board
Able to speak English

I am the proud founder of Over The Horizon, I will never hesitate to help any of my members, and I will always be there if you need me.

This is a guild for the people who like to have a great time and be a great payer doing it, if you wanna join you must:

Be lv.15 and up
Dedicated to getting better
Fun person
Pretty strong, so you can get better
Willing to give and get help in UR by members

if you wanna join go ahead and I gaurantee if you have all of these you will be in, and make it pretty far
click on this to join - http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=956040
good luck to you all, and have a great time!smileysmileysmiley

friday 07/05/2010


My name is Drizzit299 and I am in search of a guild. I am a relatively new player who needs a great deck and some help, but I am willing to learn. If there are any offers i'd be happy to hear them.


Join my guild and help us become number one!! and also if your one of the few to join first you can becom an administrator!! Follow the following link:


I'm looking for people to join my guild. I want people to represent my guild in a good way and the first few people to join will automatically become administrators!! I also want my guild to becom number one best most awesomest and special guild ever!! If your interested follow the following link:


Ok. Here's the deal. My friends got an iphone and has been playing urban rivals all the time. I've got a droid Eris and somebody needs to make and app for THAT!

Join nalang kayo and lets just have a gud time!! haha! smiley

Well i may not be the most experienced player ever, but i have a guild with lots of experienced players, like retro an all around experienced player, missrevan t2 epert, and a bunch of ELO players that rock, here is a link hopefully we'll see you soon Heaven and Hell

thursday 06/05/2010

I have decided to bring my decision a day early. I have now joined a Guild.

DaniHog!!! Welcome back, how was your stay off UR. Anyways GL with finding a guild

wednesday 05/05/2010

8 members so far keep it upsmiley

I need a guild with allot of members but still accept inexperience player's like me anyone got a suggestion?

Join join join i got 72k and saving to make a big thing with cr's for the guild join now and get help from us join now and be the best join now and get help from me so join join join


It's 20+ now! will raise!

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