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thursday 15/04/2010

Join Savageness today. Anyone can join. Get your friends to join. We will not turn them away. We are just starting out and need active members to prosper.
Cya there!

I'm not a noob anymore. It's time for me to find an active and stronger guild. Let me see what guilds are out there. Let me know what you're looking for. Go ahead and ask any questions you like. Hope this works. smiley

wednesday 14/04/2010

Close Plz i going to join guild:915376 .

This is a new guild that focuses on helping new players learn all about UR accepting all lvls

tuesday 13/04/2010

Haha lol my bad please close mods
thanks a bunch

monday 12/04/2010

Hells Angels

sunday 11/04/2010

Could u close this thread plz I made a new thread that has my guilds link in it smiley thanks mods

Im lvl 11, but i assure you i have skill, can i join?
willing to battle for my acceptance

Thunder and lightning strikes the dark and dreary night. A mysterious person rises from the wet corners of the Clintz City. The people of Clintz City knew there would be chaos, disorder, and death just by feeling the presence.

Join or Suffer

-Contests, giveaways, and events happening every month.
-Rise to the top with our game tactics provided.
-Big, friendly community

Level 20 and up
Must be active - you will have one week to show

Join us right now!

We're currently at the state of recruiting til we have 10 people. We have 5 currently so if you dont mind, the big events contests and giveaway wont happen til then but our game tactics would be ready for anybody at any time

saturday 10/04/2010

Im looking to join an active guild that can help me with elo.
Im active in the forums.
Im freindly to anyone who doesnt insult me.

If any recruiters have questions dont hesitate to ask them.

Every week there are so many in-clan events and contests going on. Then there are the raffles. Sometimes, I can't keep up. For anyone who's interested, I'll tell ya, this one's a really active guild. You won't regret joining The MoB.

Best. Guild. Ever.


join join !smiley

Welcome. Guess I'm a bit late...
I'm reading you post and I say to myself wow this is so much like me but you mentioned horror movies... Yeah those scare me smiley

Just please, dont bother me again, Just PLEASE.

friday 09/04/2010

Already posted...remove both?

50 bucks says it won't...you're already gonna probably get banned from the message boards by spamming it

Hello everyone, im currently looking for a guild.
Im lv 30, pretty much on a daily basis


Are you looking for the perfect guild? come join dark truth today! unfortunately we only have 3 days and in those 3 days we need to recruit 4 more members so please join today! if you join in the next 3 days you will be automatically accepted and you will be permanently admin!! here is the link to the guild: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=927213

Positives: We will host fun events atleast once every 3 -6 weeks such as tournaments, admin vs members, and mabye even you lot can have a few battles with me smiley. You will be automaticly accepted no matter what and if you good i'll probably let you be admin and you can run the guild for some time smiley we respect every single player in our guild so if you need ANYTHING feel free to ask me or the admins (if your an admin feel free to ask me anytime =)

Negative: If we don't recruit 4 more members within the next 3 days we will get closed down for good!!! So please, PLEASE join us today and become an admin of the perfect guild!!!

that is all i have to say and please please join dark truth today! my many thanks,

Dark truth[found of Dark Truth guild]

P.S. thanks to all those who have already joined and i hope you'll enjoy full admin features once we're up and running!

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