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sunday 14/03/2010

We are still Recruiting!! Check us out guild:891654


Join the guild for endless fun.

Lol@ponchos.....you're making tcg flame again...lol...stop it or haggi may not join them!...lol

Your avatar looks like nina from gurran lagann... sr for bumping the thread

Hey wats up names hillu....i kno most guild promise stuff and dont do it but i do help out my guild....i give cards when i can... or just give tip....i kno wat u might say that im a lier but i do just ask my guild. If u want help join guild of rejects

Prolly because he was in MOB

Been looking for a guild for a while...and still haven't really found one that works. More or less tired of having to deal with all those guilds that promise all this good stuff, then having to find out that they're lieing constantly. There are few guilds out there that are truly good, but if you are one, then I'd be honored to join...lol

saturday 13/03/2010

For those who know what they want Join First Class Rivals

Guild for anyone wheeling and dealing cards.We fly high as the sky can go. We ship across the world. More guild description once guild is accepted.

Must Be:Lvl 20+
Must not beg for cards
Must ask to become an admin
Must be active on message board
If you are under lvl 20 an admin and i must look you over

You can make all the messages you want
Buy and sell cards
Have fun
Battle in the guild game room
Chat with other members in the guild chat room
Take part in guild turneys when ever we get a member that is lvl 40+ that is willing to make one
Meet people from all across the world that has lvl 20+ status

join my guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=893201

If you don't want to join this guild please tell me either by p.m. or on this form

Join quick

Close please

Myeltd, keep out of spamming the thread uselessly, i'm sure the AA will do what they like, and you suggesting that means the guild will likely be suspected of NOT trying to do what they claim to, pls do keep in mind how the human mind works... or was that your goal from the beginning?

friday 12/03/2010

Please join

Hi this guild is called guild:874782 a guild make for fans of bleach to join.
this guild is currently lacking members and i need some people to join so if you like bleach please join

Lmao traxxx it wouldnt surprise me from u bro.

Thanks everyone smiley

Haha will do Taso will do smiley

here i the link of Blaze Up

Still waiting for you guys smileysmiley smiley

Explained by shadow in his 1st... 5 lines

smiley N that's just how it is, it usually takes about 4-5 ppl from one guild to diss me, it can never be done solo smiley

We r nothing special YET smiley but if you hlp us smiley
join Dragons Cro Clan

thursday 11/03/2010

Join my guild its a new guild fun guild meet new freinds learn new stratgies join Hells Angels


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