monday 22/02/2010

Looking for other policemen to start a new guild smiley..firemen, soldiers and rescue workers are welcomed as well

interested in sharing your experiences with guys like you, who put their life at risk every day?

english speaking only, please smiley

sgt. Giovanni smiley

If I didn't already have my own guild, I'd join this one.

Loving the name! xD


Im looking for a fun and easy going guild as sometimes there will be periods im not on, and periods i play a lot!!

Im looking for a scandinavian Guild that i can have fun with, and playalong and learn from. I have played this game for 2 days now, but i think i have quite good experience and good skills. My main deck is a monoskeel deck, with 2 different buildups - 1 revenge deck and 1 counterdeck. - I have aswell a 2 fundecks - nightmare / freaks and jungo / skeel. By this few days i have a achived quite agood amount of great cards. If u guys are intressted give me a pm or mail at and we could try a test gamesmiley

I'm looking for a highly experienced guild which helps me to improve my play to achieve the following points:

from top 25th to top 10th in DT constantly
1200 in ELO constantly
to reach survivor 10 at least once

I'm active on boards and game.

I need a guild that can give me advice and show me how to build great decks

smiley just want someone to show me how to make really good decks

Bored me to death in all hounesty

sunday 21/02/2010

I bet you disbanded your guild to make my first post look fail. Hehe.

Or did you run out of endurance?


Ignore my last comment its been resolved

saturday 20/02/2010

Hi Guys this is Abhi347. I am new to here, but not in online gaming. I am currently in Devil's lair guild, but it's kinda inactive. No msgs in msg boards, no interacting players. So I want to switch my guild to some other active guild (Preferrably Indian).SO plz msg me or reply here, if you are admin or founder of any such guild or u can suggest some guilds to me also.
I've not yet completed a week here, but still reached lvl 12. SO I can promise to be active.


Hey join The order of Shadows.
We have a thread with 50 messages about improving your game in ELO
We have many events going on with Rainbow week coming up.

p.s I play the sax too.

Sorry guys, I picked. I may change so if you guys willing to give me space your guild. I picked TCG, The Cunning Gambit , thanks to an friend.

That's why you made the contest didn't you?

Well hello I'm Silverton. Would you like to own a Narwhal then join us or we eat this narwhal. We have the normal cookies also, but we have ZOMBIE cancer cookies. Join us for we need more BRAINS.

friday 19/02/2010

Please post your thread under Strategy and Tactics smiley

Alright ima need some info bout it first tho plz

I did, that's why i said to disregard what i said

Plz whoever wants a guild ther will be a big tourunement vs the french plz join your country

thursday 18/02/2010

Please post your question under Strategy and Tactics smiley

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