wednesday 17/02/2010

A cheap strong clan to start out with is freaks. You can get all there good cards for average 1.9k ea maybe? But first you will need like 12k. But for the staples of a clan +extras, 12k is quite cheap. I'm not sure your ready/ have enough money yet, but if you gather enough money i highly advise you get them

tuesday 16/02/2010

Glad you decided to Join us Melissa

With your experience Im sureROT will be one of te most incredible guilds on Urban Rivals....!!!! Ravages of Time


I reccomend the order of shadows, they are one of the best guild in england, join them for what you need

Join our guild The Cunning Gambit then, we need a few more members to brighten up our forum, no need to have any requirements exept being active or semi-active, join us to experience happiness and laughes, we are a small yet happy community. JOIN US! you know you want tosmiley

Still recruiting every lvl

Please close.

sunday 14/02/2010

Join the new guild on the block HoodStarz and help develop you're skills in the game. We have our own guild market, good active board with friendly people and are looking to make events in the near future.

JOIN! smiley


Do you want to join the newest and soon best clan in UR?
Would you like to begin your UR career with some top tips on winning?
Do you wanna just enjoy yourself?

Then you've come to the right place!
JCKAS nurtures the stars of tomorrow today!

There is one small requirement to join

-Try and play it once a month, 12 times a year

Thanks for reading and i hope you join JCKAS.


Come join us!


saturday 13/02/2010

Still recruiting

Darkness Realm is currently looking for more members, who are commited to the game, and want to be part of an active guild. If you just want to join a guild because you can, then this is not the place for you. Think carefully before you decide to join our guild though as we don't want you backing out at the last minute. We want players who are going to be active to join the guild, so that we don't just have a massive amount of names, but only three or four people who play reguarly.

If you would like to check out the guild then here is the addres


And don't forget that if you come to the dark side, we have cookies and hot chocolate.

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I think the "post-reviewing" is carried out mainly so no false information is fed into newer players. But the that also has a positive effect on safety-ness.

And nope, there isn't a place where the community can chat yet.

They should just set up a mIRC channel though. smiley

Why not try out the guild:819551? I think we are a good guild and we are mature smiley Not always mature, but when we need to be, we aresmiley

Try our guild, The Cunning Gambit, check us out on our recruit page

friday 12/02/2010

The American People
Its da TICK TICK. smiley

thursday 11/02/2010

4 real people be part of a rising guild

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