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tuesday 09/03/2010

The link!
THE LINK!!! smiley

Chaos Lords

The guild has gone no one joined smiley

Hey mods, can you close this thread or destroy it. We will make a new one plz? Thanks guys. smiley

I'd just like to know how the lottery is set for march 11 2010 when it is 8 or the 9 (on the time zone)

smiley Up Up Up smiley

JOIN White Tower smiley

Join us guild:748291 we never play fair thats the decipticon way (we do finish our battles though)

Not much I can offer right now but once we get a good size amount of members I'm going to have tournaments with in the guild. the winner with get a card from my personal collection.

none at the moment. that way we can get members.

here's the link if you would like to join.


UP smiley

Join us :

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=882362 smiley

monday 08/03/2010

Hi im dan and i have been inactive for a while and i am looking for a guild, anyone interested just let me know

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Please consider joining California Style at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=834434

Please consider joining California Style at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=834434

Join or the hobbits will reincarnate and take over the world.

What's that you say, "But, but, they're so little!?"

Be warned my friends! It is impossible not to bust your gut laughing at a herd of little people running at you with sticks and stones. Impossible! They will kill you!

What's that you say, "But, but, midgets are not real people!"


sunday 07/03/2010

Hey guys,

the name is moatism, atm.
glad to be apart of the guild and hope to have some fun and learn to make a more solid deck maybe.

I've been playing UR since December and still learning and still loving it. I figure a good way to get to know me would be by my deck, so.....

my current deck is Junks/Freaks
but other clans I like to use are NIghtmare, Skeelz, and sometimes Gheist.
clans i hate are Montana, Uppers, and Jungo. smiley

saturday 06/03/2010

We have Krump who has a 1463 ELo value at the moment and is 9th in the world...

Yeah. Level 37 here lookin for a guild.

friday 05/03/2010

Close Please. =)

thursday 04/03/2010

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