tuesday 02/02/2010

Prepare for funny and awesomeness in this guild. Fun activities, events, and so much more. I'm no good in elo though. smiley

Join if you think you are a cool and nice person!

We need you to strengthen our guild!
We need you to create this fun and lovely environment!
Join today! Join NOW! smileysmiley


monday 01/02/2010

Sans vouloir clasher, le Français et toi, sa fait 2
puis si tu respectait Louay tu l'aurais mis avant toi
puis la guilde est trés bonne... donc postuler, Louay et moi nous nous ferions une joie de vous accepter smiley

Opps I think I gave the wrong link

Masters of Battle

Hello, i am looking for a great guild with good community and with people who likes to have fun.

I am 22 years old from Norwaysmiley

Moderators are very helpful!

For active anime and card game fanatics

If your looking for a guild and have at least reached lvl 10, purchased credits at least once, and are on urban rivals at least once a week, you qualify to join the guild Tsukuyomi. The clan members here a motivated not only to get better themselves but want other members of the clan to prosper, so with everyone as backup, you will never walk the streets of clint city alone. To join simply message me or the clan founder.

Looking for guild......Flame God is here

This is a new guild & currently need some people to join my guild. i am planing to make 2 kind of groups...

* Fun loving Group - "Performer"
This kind of player don't care about challenge. they will play only for fun.

* Challenge loving Group - "Professional"
This kind of player only care about fair play & like challenge. They will care about 1 Pilz. They will believe they can build ultimate deck.

See you in Flame God Guild

sunday 31/01/2010

Yeah, just imagine all the trash-talk possibilities if they allowed in-game chatting! It'd be totally awesomesmiley

Guild:839782 Join me now please. smileyThis is a fun guild and you will reallly like it. The first 10 players to join the guild that is lvl 20+ can be an admin. To join this guild you must 1.lvl 20+ 2.500+ MP 3.Be Brave 3.Be Smart 4. and 5. You gotta be a Master and up. Feel free to ask me any questions.I dont bite........hard!lol
Well hope you players out there see this thread and see that this will really be a fun guild. I just wanted to create my own guild and make the best guild ever. Thanks

saturday 30/01/2010

Hey there im looking for a guild, im new & inexperianced but im a fast learner & active! smiley

Awesome guild with a very helpful moderator at the helm. You can't go wrong. Go Providence, go!smiley
best wishes from us British cousinssmiley

Modz, please close this thread. thanks.

The 23 Nice Guys

Our guild tries to gather 23 nice guys and create a friendly but competitive environment.
We might be nice, but we are no weaklings.
We try our best to win games, have fun and enjoy Urban Rivals!

Meet the following requirements before you apply to join:
1. You must be a "guy". (male)
2. You must be level 23 or over.
3. You are an active player of Urban Rivals.
4. Last but not least, you are NICE. smiley

Happy Gaming!

Hey There my name is Mike And some times it is har being the new kid but i created this guild for all those people out there who never made the cut so join up
hOPE TO hear from Ya

friday 29/01/2010

Lol...should've replaced graff talking with graff using gang-signs as a form of sign language...lol

Please close!

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