tuesday 05/01/2010

(Flash back to the monastery in kinjos room)
"In the outer section you will encounter foes with levels beyond the normal limit, your skills will be tested to the max, kuei, Lin Xia is in that region at the moment after kerozinn because our infomation got leaked to her, so you may encounter her, let me tell you, she is a monsterous foe, not to be taken lightly" Said kinjo in a un confident voice.
Kuei looked as he coudnt care any less, his fist clentched so hard that blood drew from his hand, He raised his arm to the sky and growled "I understand kinjo, i swear by the cobra way of life, if we encounter, i will anhialate her!"
windy mor grinned, he has never seen kuei so eagre to get in a scruff.
Kinjo turned his head and glared at windy mor "windy.. there is something you must know.. the shadow.. that will most likely be lurking around in that area.. i hope you understand this windy.. after five long years of searching ... we have still not found out who it is.." kinjo still glared and windy mor, Windy mor started to tremble after hearing that.

Kuei and windy mor have just left the infamous Clint City!!

monday 04/01/2010

We're a new social guild. Focused mainly on the Canadian region but if you're English speaking and have a nice personality, you'll be a shoe in.

We're hoping to have a guild which helps eachother while still throwing down challenges at each other!


Someone close this plz

New Engish-speaking guild looking to recruit more members. After my old guild disapaeared I decided to set one up myself.

Currently I'm not imposing any level restrictions until we have some more members.

Aside from offering eachother advice and support and guild discounts, I will be running competitions and giveaways!


Hope to see some of you there!

Welcome to UR man!

JOIN HIPPYWEASEL! There i have officially given my two cents!

ACCEPTING FROM LVL 15 FOR A SHORT TIME ONLLY!!!!!!!!!!! smileysmileysmiley

BE APART OF SOMETHING GREAT GUYS!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Hello. I'm looking for a mature guild to join-up with. When I say mature, I don't mean boring. I just mean a tolerant, easy-going guild that just plays the game because it's a fun thing to do that doesn't have a ridiculous name like "PsykobloodBLASTERz" or something.


sunday 03/01/2010

Hey, im steel chrom, im level 40, extremly active, Im looking for a guild which is level 40+ and talks alot.

one of my presets: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=467888&list

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Cowboys from hell, if u join us, we'll make u an admin

saturday 02/01/2010

Hey guys, the Cool Kids Klub is looking for new members! Our only requirement is that you're level 9 and an active player.

Things you'll find with us:
-Super cool kids!
-Chillaxin environment!
-Other important stuff you look for in a guild!

So if you're looking for a super awesome guild to join, you should totally join up with us smiley
Send me a message if you have an questions!


Come join we have cookies smileysmiley

Hey, all. My name's KingdomXathers, though normally I go by KingdomHeartsKeeper... but that's for another time =3

Anyways, I started playing yesterday and am already a Level 9 Senior. I'm a young artist who focuses on anime style and furry art (but no y*ff, lol).

I hope to eventually get at least two Jungo Cards, one hopefully being Askai or Greow just 'cause I think they're awesome as hell. =3 But as of now I started off with the Action Deck.

Well, I hope everything go as planned. =3 Nice to meet you all.

friday 01/01/2010

Cmon ppl we are growing
we now have welcomed the mighty GRF-ACE-EVO to our ranks

Don't worry they get better the monkey stops throwin poo after a while

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