tuesday 29/12/2009

Tebby, please do not create a new recruitment thread every day. Use this one please smiley

All are welcomed, this is a guild that is expanding. it is a friendly guild to have friendly competitions.

monday 28/12/2009


Its not too big of a guild that you feel your not counted but not to small of a guild that we are new & inexperienced

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Jungo SR's guild: guild:727251

sunday 27/12/2009

Sorry again, but could this please be closed?

Thank you,

It looks really dum when you are soporting your own guild just to get new members smiley but it is a great guild go one to join.

friday 25/12/2009

Shinobi. the elite assasins that strike from the shadows. vanquishing thier opposition before they even have a chance to defend themselves. thats us. a new an upcomming guild that plans to take UR by strom.

We have already hit the requirements for the guild to stay in existance.

But what i am looking for are a few key people. powerhouses that will help propel the guild to the next level.
We have fighters, what i need are leaders to help me, long as they dont mind the guild master being a girl.

Do you think your good enough to strike from the shadows?
come and see for yourself.

Join gods clan the news and greatest guild we will soon rock UR
lvl 25+ only

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New Guild
The Zodiacs

Join my guild it's new but it will be great in no time

thursday 24/12/2009

Hey everybody join we are a new and well sustained guild, one of the top fifty and we only have about 10 players
impressive right

No problem, im glad we entertained you

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You already have a recruitment post, please use that one smiley

wednesday 23/12/2009

'cause Love is Noise, love is pain, love is this blues that I'm singing again.

For all over the world people! Multinational guild for everyone who wants to play better. To know people from all around the world e spread you experience with each other.

Lv 20 up, first three will be administrator of the guild with me.

We'll try to organize some internal tournament with some prize.. to have fun and enjoy the guild.

And yes.. you can Spam


Join us!

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