thursday 31/12/2009

If you want to be an admin u have to be lvl 20 or above and you have to be at least experienced enough to make events and tournaments. Plus if you have a good eye at recruiting good players then that would be great.

If you're the kind of player looking for some players you can kick back and have a laugh and some fun with, chances are this is the guild you're looking for. Over here we aim to create an easy going enviroment for players who know how to enjoy themselves. We aren't trying to be the best guild, we aren't trying to produce the best players, we're trying to have some fun.

If you feel like you'd enjoy popping by, by all means, come and have a peek. Whether you want to chat about whatever's on your mind, see if you can do some trading with your guildmates, or discuss where the game's been aand where it might go, you're free to. There should be a few contests or cometitions running soon too.

We're open to all players, all skill levels, all everything really, but in particular we want to make it somewhere where newer, eager to learn players can come and find someone to pick up some tricks from, and less active players can settle down and build up their collections.


Come and take a look, you might like it =)

Please join by clicking the link above smiley smiley smiley


I put on womens clothing and hang around in bars


wednesday 30/12/2009

Everyone from lvl 10 plus can join. Please

Been out of the game for a few months. IT looks like there is a bunch of new stuff.
I'm looking for any decent guild willing to fill me in on what I missed including cards, missions, etc.
P.S. PMs preferable.

You know what close this cause im havin some trouble right now

Whats up? we are the cowboys from hell, we want u, we are an awesome guild looking for more cowboys and cowgirls to come hang out and battle with us, we will accept anybody that wants to join us, remember, we're takin' over this town here is our link:

Lol. Having a lvl 8 in your Guild won't get you very far...

tuesday 29/12/2009

Come join my guild!

Why didnt i get a christmas gift smiley
o yea i was bad smiley

World dominatorz is a new guild in need of new, strong players to recruit
when one of our players reach lvl 40 we will have private tourneys once a month

here is the link: guild=800381

Tebby, please do not create a new recruitment thread every day. Use this one please smiley

All are welcomed, this is a guild that is expanding. it is a friendly guild to have friendly competitions.

monday 28/12/2009


Its not too big of a guild that you feel your not counted but not to small of a guild that we are new & inexperienced

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Jungo SR's guild: guild:727251

sunday 27/12/2009

Sorry again, but could this please be closed?

Thank you,

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