monday 07/12/2009

Again, C'mon! I really have to post this much to get people's attention I would love for my guild to become strong and it not even a week old, the ossibilities!!!, Battle tips, strategies, trading, cheap sells, events (depending if a person with high enough level joins!!!!) and more, everyone take a chance and try this incredibly active guild, next 4 to join will receive a special gift, does that make you wanna join?

sunday 06/12/2009

Of course I forgot the link .. that would be evil .. wouldnt it?

Close this please,

it's time for a change smiley

saturday 05/12/2009

friday 04/12/2009

Great for all new features smiley but does this mean no Miss Clint City 2009 Pageant???

Come join my guild Diplomats of Clint City and we can help if you need it

Join the Dreamers you are always welcome here. We also got cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thursday 03/12/2009

There is no such guild pokemon smiley

Under new leader. we made some big improvments. come see for urself.

You should come join Diplomats of Clint City and we can help you out smiley

wednesday 02/12/2009

We just got sponsored by a player, so the first 5 players there join will get a Card for free

Join the Dreamers we are a fun active guild

P.S. We got cookies!!!!!

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tuesday 01/12/2009

Can I join you guild~~ Im just a noob smiley

monday 30/11/2009

Event #1 ending, join now for the second event!

Only excepting 2 more player under lvl 15, now's ur chance

Here is a link:

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