wednesday 25/11/2009

Brought back

tuesday 24/11/2009

We have recently changed the guild to a 20 + guild

monday 23/11/2009

So all you couch potatoes, or whatever vegetable you are
come join us

Inside an abandoned lab, Vryer (C) mixes chemical solutions together. He had took a break from joining parts together - being a mad scientish is hard work! Mo DiFalco (C) casually enters the room. Realising there's an intruder, he pulls out an experimental laser gun and points it at him.

"What do you want" Vyrer asks.

Mo DiFalco (C) raises his hands up. Of course he needs something from Vryer (C)

"I need a chemical solution which makes people evil"

Vyrer begins cacking up. It was the dumbest thing he has ever heard.

"Why would I waste time doing that?"

"If I get this scoop, I'll be earning lots of cash... And you'll get half of my shares so you can invest in anything you want!"

Vyrer than starts thinking about it. He then lowers his gun.

"Alrite. I'll see what I can do. But you must give me half a million clintz, okay?"


Walk-in recruitment closed! But we will still be looking for members who meet our requirements. If you want to apply, simply get permission from our admins.

sunday 22/11/2009

You should close this,
He is staying in sanity,

Sorry for wasting time.

Dominance of Fate is open to all players level 15+
All i ask of the members is that you stay active.
We will build off each other, share strategies, and as a whole, become stronger.

Modz, please close this rec thread. Thank you. smiley


We are a new guild, who is open to anyway actively playing Urban Rivals and participating in the Daily Tournaments and in ELO mode. Anyone of any level is welcome to join, as well as any nationality.

Its very nice to have you My Nigaro.
And yes we still are recruiting

saturday 21/11/2009

WP_Bauldy1 here the War Party guild is recruiting english speaking players of all levels into the guild.

Currently unable to hold any events due to a lack of players above level 40 although i personaly will be there soon to solve that problem.

This guild is up and coming and is looking for some strong players to boost its rankings.

We are looking for players who are going to be active and as we are also about helping new players develop would also like people willing to offer advice and knowledge of the game.

Anyone who causes any trouble within the guild is immediatley removed everyone in the War Party is of a friendly nature and either keeps to themselves or they are actively trying to help people develop there skills within the game.

All levels welcome.

Join are active guild where freindship is our main priority! smiley

Yea people awsome guild u should join

N/M then. I'll just stay in HAL till years end if thats how it is.

Close Please.

friday 20/11/2009

Any one looking for a guild, join this guild instead.

Lol. someone hacked our guild, we're still trying to get to our 50+ Members, so, anyone, Join smiley


We are a bunch of extrordinary people who use their strategic minds to conqure URBAN RIVALS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! What we mean is basically try to outsmart everyone in battles, we can help you archieve the goal. Our guld is trying to aim for the top of all guilds!!! We will defeat everyone! Come and join! Dragon Flames

thursday 19/11/2009

Guild:738641 is recruiting. We have a lot to offer including free cards, card discounts, battle advice, admin spots and a lot more!
We have a few active members but are looking for even more, if you are an ELO player or a DT, or just play for fun you can find what you need and more within this guild. If you like it and want to join make yourself at home and enjoy our message board games, weekly competitions and fun people to chat with! Anybody level 5+ that is English speaking is more than qualified to join us, and if you don't, we thank you for at least taking the time to read this.


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