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wednesday 28/10/2009

Currently Not Accepting Members but if you wanna Join Ask! and Make sure you be level 25+ and Be Super Nice at all times
BTW you can Joke around with anyone in the guild but Get to know them first!`~

Hi, we're a new guild currently recruiting members of any level, so if you're looking for a guild to join feel free to check us out!

Here's the link to our guild:

tuesday 27/10/2009

Now we have a special promotion for those new low level guys - pay attention:
Every dude, who is level 4 or less receives a card, worth 5000 clintz as soon as he joins the guild and he's still on that level! Now nothing is stopping you to try this out, right?

Come join my guild
we will help you grow and help you increase your gaming


join us we do tons of giveaways and give advice when needed


join my guild, we already have a market page, and we do tons of giveaways

monday 26/10/2009

Join my guid, man, we got people with high ranks in cards like you

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when your lv. 20 join my guild. We can be basketball players

Join today
we are a pratical gulid
which is getting bigger each day
people on all the time
fair play
join today


thanks admins for letting this post though

Keep coming

sunday 25/10/2009

This is a guild for anyone and anyone is welcome!
If you wish to join send me a message and go to:http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=728201

Have question put here

Guild:727251 join this guild

Join guild:727251

Guild:727251 join this guild
we want new friends even if it is an upcoming guild
anyone, any level can join this guild

saturday 24/10/2009

Great guild with great people

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