sunday 20/09/2009

Close please

I am one of the admins of Precise Indecision. And me and pieater112 (Founder) are wanting to have one guild merge with us before we close off recruitment so we can focus on tournaments. We have only been around for a week and from our join leadership and bright ideas we have been progressing very rapidly.
All admins and the founder of the guild that merges will be admins in our guild
And users under level 10 will be accepted, but will need to be steadily leveling up, or may face the boot, unless there is a reason to the situation.

saturday 19/09/2009

Sorry, here's the link to the guild:


Totally new. The name says it all! Love eastern culture? Have a totally Fang Pi deck? Then you should fit in nicely here. XD No experience required.

I player=1005615 founder of the guild called guild:279901 have never tried to decive any one in order to recruit I will only say I'm sorry for letting some one else do my work for me. I manage my little guild all by my self and some times I let spouse do my writting and posting for me, so I can shower and eat etc. I was not aware of the blunder untill today, I went to see what had been written and even after another player brought it to my attention I still believed I was in the right. To that player I extend a heartfelt I AM SORRY. My all time record for survivor is not 14 in a row it is 12 If you notice I nickname was different then so if any one want to check go ahead.. Again I repeat I am sorry for the mix up i would never knowingly ntry to decieve anyone.. If I had an active player in my guild to help me out this would have not guild:279901

Tuesday 19/05, 18:17
-((THE-ONE))- has just beaten his Survivor Type 2 record: 12 Victories! (1085 Clintz)

Close this mods

friday 18/09/2009

If you're going to post doctored game logs, you should at least do a good job of it. You lost the game you changed into "Survivor 2" ... " have were annihilated by forinho, SE (0-11)"

So let's add you as a friend, check your best overall streaks, EVER, in Survivor ELO and Survivor T2 ... yup, they confirm you falsified the post. What are you actual bets overall performances?

Type 2:
Type ELO: "THE-ONE-UR 6 . . . Saturday 23/05, 19:52"
Type 2: "THE-ONE-UR 12 . . . Tuesday 19/05"

You've NEVER won 14 in a row. Don't lie in an attempt to draw recruits. It doesn't just make you look bad, it makes the other people who've joined your guild look bad.

Are you big headed?
are you full of ego?
do you like to show off?

well join me elmo a proud egotistial just like you

the guild:691600 love people just like you

so if you level 15+
active in message boreds
and most of all egotistical

why not join the fun today =]


Looking for something more convenient. Like a sheet with a bit of code behind it to make deck...

thursday 17/09/2009


Join..and what retro said.

wednesday 16/09/2009

Hi, we are looking for active players.
if your looking for a good guild to join join this one
15+ members but i am willing to negotiate.
i am on at least once every 1 or 2 days.

I thik its lvl 30 and up now right?

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