tuesday 18/08/2009

Over the years I have had guilds and all were great. I have been in some truly great guilds and seen many others.
What we are hoping to achieve here is a guild with a more adult look at things. Like having a guild board with more mature discussions and outlooks on the game.
We will be recruiting players who ages are 18 and over. No offense to the younger players in any way, but do you really care about current events and the economy?
Aside from the game tips, stradegies, and deck ideas we will have discussions on pretty much anything you care to comment on.
A guild is a place to mingle and to make friends, not just a powerhouse of players and their battle skills. Its not always about being the #1 guild, but more about being a group of friends who share common interests in the game and and in life as well.
So if you want to take part on a new idea or new breed of guild check us out and see if what we have to offer is what you may want.
Join guild:660425

Lol mods i meant close this subject or in other words cloze smiley

monday 17/08/2009


Aim for success! Join Knock Out.
Knock Out gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Everyone grows tired, weary, they stumble and fall; but those who join Knock Out will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Knock Out

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Yo im cc-shak-evo and i'm looking for a active guild with 20 members+. don't judge me by my lv and i'll pm you if your guild is worthy for me lolsmiley


sunday 16/08/2009

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Chaos Inc. has opened it's doors and is now taking applications
we guarantee a safe and friendly atmosphere to work in along with fringe benefits
Hiring level 28 and above

Thanks Caulighter but can you close or destroy this thread as there's been a bit of a mix up, we've already got a recruitment thread.


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Join my guild here the link

WOOOOOW! That is soooo original! This is unpresidented! You sir, are a maverick. You do you and dont let anyone stop you and your orginality..

Fine look like no one likes banger close please mod

saturday 15/08/2009

Join guild:654798
Were a up and coming guild, who has already made a big splash we have some events coming up soon
we just started this week and we haver over 25 members and were also a top 25 guild in US
join today guild:654798


Kates killers wants fun active players level 15 or above
we have weekly tournaments and the winner gets a random card from me.

we have many forum topics to talk about
a selling center a trading center and a buying center for guild memebers only

Join today and become a killer

What are you talking about "rumors"? Who would talk bad about you? You're like Oprah, nobody can say anything bad about her.
Well you're not like Oprah, you're a dude, but you get the point.
Anyways, couldn't we just make a thread called "Hyperlinks" N sticky it somewhere?

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