saturday 15/08/2009

Hey all,

I've been playing UR for about two days now and am ready to join a guild. I'm an avid online poker player (part of the reason I'm really liking UR), and even though I've only been playing the game for a couple of days now, I've already gotten a good enough grasp on strategy to place around 125th in a tourney with a mono-Sentinels deck.

Part of the advice I need is on cutting my Sentinels deck in half and complimenting it with another clan that will let me do more damage in ELO. I already have a bunch of pretty nice cards in my collection - some of which I may keep, some of which I may sell or trade away. Happy to go into more detail with a guild that is active, mature, and friendly.

Looking forward to meeting you,


One Piece

smiley im pretty good so dont just judge me because of my level pm me if you will let me join i use la juntas


Join New Generation Crew (ngc)
Forums are active
Many friends you can make here

Guild:655780 were new, but we still do count up lotterys and we need some good active members to come and help us out

new guild and we need active members to help us out

Please join and help my new guild grow i'll trying to get people to join so please join and go to the guild link here if it shows :
and if it doesn't work just go to my profile to look it's Elements_

I don't think it's the capital g or anything...
This guild doesn't exist...

friday 14/08/2009

We´re friendly! smiley

Plz close now

And if yur wonderin concrete roots has nothing to do with the clan so join anyway , we know where yu live

thursday 13/08/2009

Please close

Pm me if u let me join your guild but it has to be active and helpful

Urban Info is the official guild for the fan site. The site is dedicated to providing card data, statistics, guides, and tools. We're accepting new members and would love to have you!

Come join at:

10th now N we ain't even a full house!

Come one come all this is the guild for you we are a friendly fun family atmosphere! We are always looking for new friends so come join the fun and taste the blood from the blade of the Poisoned Dagger!

wednesday 12/08/2009

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