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saturday 05/09/2009


We are a brand new guild looking for recruits. We take new and experienced players alike. Come join us and get in from the begining.


Yes it was wow and cool

New Guild
Need some members to help me command
If u are intreasted just post here or send me a Request

friday 04/09/2009

He didnt have chance to, because vickie escaped before he could do anything to show his grief.

Join us

Do you wanna get KRAZY?!!? Well then join my guild, guild:676737. I, SlasheR_WMD want you to get KRAZY with me. I am accepting all levels as long as you work hard and get KRAZY.


Good luck


Join a new up and coming guild. Get in from the start! We accept all members and are helpful and friendly


Forgot to add in the sentence when I said this is a guild where people who hate lots of rules and to chat around too.

wednesday 02/09/2009

Forgive me if I sounded dull last time I advertised this Guild. I ask you to join TheUnit, a soon to be powerful Guild. We are slowly progressing and could be going much faster if you joined. We ask very little of you. Please be a Senior or higher and be atleast level 8. We also ask that you do NOT EVER use offensive language such as cursing. Also, please respect other players by not using racial comments or put downs. You can joke plenty but there is a time when to quit. If help is needed ask me or the adminastrators. Also, if anyone has ideas you are free to share them.smiley I ask that if it is not very important then do not message me privately. smiley Thank you again and I hope that I will see you soon.smiley
Sire Ethan,

Hey, i made a guild a while back but i didn't maintain it well, so im starting up a new guild... Shadow Skillz.
ok, so, i guess im recruting people. smiley
i have quite low requirements, just the following things:
stay active
stay active on the guild's message boards
and at least level 15 smiley

TheUnit is recruiting strong players level 8+ with 9+ cards. If you want challenging battles and good friends join. now. Thank you.
Sire Ethan
P.S. No offensive language, racial comments or put downs will be allowed.

So many people whispering with NON-aussie guilds...

Try The American People.
We have 50+ members.
We are all very active.
We also have fun events and lotterys.
Come join us.

The American People

tuesday 01/09/2009

Close this post someone has recruited me

It is a fun and exciting guild.
We love getting new members.
Initiation is fun. KIDDING! We don't haze.

Just check us out.

monday 31/08/2009

Hey! Im looking for a nice and hospitable guild that can help me here in Urban Rivals. Im always active. smiley)

Join this guid if you don't like the creation council

sunday 30/08/2009

If you have any tips to help guilds be sucsessful write em down and fyi im in guild:666275 smiley

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