wednesday 05/08/2009

Just apply and i will accept you.

tuesday 04/08/2009

Hello players, The Canadian Epic rebellion is recruiting smiley Interested?
Well you should be:
We are a guild that accepts any lvl of player or any clan that you favor smiley
Our guild is specialized though to only accept members that have a Canadian, American, British, or Irish Heritage
Our guild was created to show the ropes to younger players and to help our more advanced players

We are also committed to advancing you decks so all joining players must be open with the idea of talking to your fellow guilds players about trading, buying and selling of cards

You can get recruited now at our guilds page:

Join and be welcomed to the Canadian Epic Rebellion

I would like you to join my guild, The American People. We are all very active and friendly. We also post alot of stuff on message board's and we also have a guild war now that you might want to be in.


Join sanity the best guild ever its fun its active and alot more just join it

join sanity

Lol...still it was our guild....weird...


Close please.

You need to put a link in my friend Otaku's Paradise there i'll help you out.

monday 03/08/2009


Dont let the fact that they are new fool you. This guild will be amazing. They have some great players and they are very friendly. I had alot of fun during my stay with them.
So if you want a fun and chatty guild where you can make friends and crate a UR bond, the Nevershoutnever is the guild for you.
Dont be shy, check them out and see for yourself.

"So I lay my head to rest
All alone it seams
There my guide is waiting
In a world of dreams." (Kula Shaker - Magic Theatre)

We do not seek to be the most powerful as we try to be original.
Level restrictions are not welcome here, but playing at least 1 hour a week is a must.
We offer from our humble knowledge assistance and advice for anyone, as long as you prove yourself trustworthy and devoted.

Let's share this dream together! Join now!

Close please
The guild is being worked on and I will post a new recruitment thread then.

Well sounds good to me : ) i have applied so hopefully u will accept thanks and i am lv 14 now but same everything else : )

Well hello ium lv 14 and i feel as if this is a nice guild to join so i will send my aplication in and hopefully ill be accepted : )

PS. i have a bad fair play rating because my lilttle brother used to start battle and let them time out im sorry if u dont accept me because of this but thats the reaaon of my bad fair play rating which is only 91%

sunday 02/08/2009

We are looking for fresh blood. The Gupta Empire started as an Ancient Indian empire which has existed from 280AD and covers most of the world. The Imperial Guptas will achieve our succes through force of arms with an efficient martial system. Peace and prosperity will be created. You can join here

Ok, I have gone back to XK where i belong. I will there until UR closes or I get too old to play anymore.
I appreciate all the offers, there have been so many great guilds offer a spot to me and I really do appreciate it.
I just cant sit by and watch my guild crumble. Who knew one person could have such a impact on a guild.
Well thats my emo moment for the year.
Mods please close. Thanks

Join guild:637977 10th in the UK Rankings and going higher!

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