friday 17/07/2009

You shouldnt of left OA

Join "Perfection" and become "perfecct"

If you're interested, join THE NEXT BIG WAVE!

Check it out...

Soon I and the admin (Still looking for one.) will make tournaments that will give you a lot of clintz, if you're good enough to beat the rest. smiley

I'm not sure about the good cards, but maybe once you have enough clintz you will be able to get awesome cards! smiley

Friendly people and active ones too.

Join alpha squad 13x

Yo trying to get membersr for my group.. where goin to climb the ranks and take out number one and i hope you are active.

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Close this PLZ smiley

Join alpha squad 13x

Well, probably it is Nub as celebrity in UR who attract many people to come in...smiley

thursday 16/07/2009

Um.. are all 807 members active?

Join us now!

Join people... JOIN!!!

Yeah we are accepting people with an American Flag and speak english! And also you can be any level! So join us today!smiley

wednesday 15/07/2009


Welcome to the War Party Guild Recruitment Post! smiley

We are a group of people dedicated to advancing our decks and ways to win. We have experienced member's who are always willing to give others a hand if they need it. We often hold competitions and battle regularly to test each other. We're also a fun group of people just wanting to have a laugh while we play, so come and join to find out for yourself ! smiley smiley


He's only level 27, you really gonna take that from him?

Common ppls plz join! smiley i dont like have so little ppls in the guild. and im the admin of the guild so you will get accepted no matter what.

U need to try out i will let u in anyway

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