monday 13/07/2009


lvl 25
english speaking
green or yellow face
very active
BDST in front of name

Moon Dance Academy, recruiting all players under level 30, everyone welcome as you hit level 30 you will be then promoted to the main moon dance clan guarenteed acceptance, see you soon

Http:// for more details

Close this please.
We will make a new recruitment thread when we are ready smiley

sunday 12/07/2009

Close this thread plz

saturday 11/07/2009

Remenber banger delight

This topic is close i already joined Urban Madness

Joined Upper Class again sorry to get anyones hope up

-You must be active
-Speak English

Here's the link:

friday 10/07/2009

Any questions?

thursday 09/07/2009

Go soldier of fortune

I am here to invite you to rise to the top once again......

Guild Of the Fallen if you are a fan of the new transformers you may join this guild but you must be level 15+ and have to be very active and participate in all message boards i will host giveaways and tourney


Join The American People!
Come check us out at:

wednesday 08/07/2009

You forgot to add a link. Here it is-

Battle Masters

Hey there Urban Rivals fans!!! Do you want to join the ranks of the best?? Do you want to walk among the chosen? Do you want to wield strength and become an elite master? The answers are down the yellow brick road! But before answeing the first questions ask yourself this question. Do you have the guts to skip along Dorthy through the Yellow Brick Road? If so then continue here smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley If not then keep living at home in your mom's basement because glory and might wait for no one

Thank youall for offers, i've worked my way into Ravages of Time. Moderators pleaselock or closethis pageat this point. Thanks~

tuesday 07/07/2009

Hey u should join banger delight you look fine for it

Please ! you should join banger delight our card are tight hey i rhymt

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