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monday 19/10/2020

Yo! Good day! Im an old player who recently activated this account to play and have fun, I left my previous guild due to all my friends there being inactive. I would like to join a fun, active and competitive guild.

wednesday 07/10/2020

Sent the request, thanks!

monday 05/10/2020

Hi! I have created a club for all of those who are struggling to join a club (I know I have been lately)
There are no requirements to join the club, as long as you're at least level 5, you can join!

Hoping to create a place for users to help make the club a nice, active environment, come and join and help make this place grow

Nobody Loves Me

thursday 01/10/2020


do you love Czech culture or have at least remote knwoledge where it is located (sorry my American friends). Then I´m happy to introduce you to Czech Streets, my own Club.

Hit me up!


sunday 20/09/2020

I need 2 more levels to be able to join. Thanks guys. smiley

saturday 19/09/2020

sunday 13/09/2020

Hello ineed active players for my club Romanian Eagles.everyone is welcomed.buna am nevoie de jucatori activi pt noul club Romanian Eagles.va astept cu drag

saturday 12/09/2020

Am nevoie de jucatori activi care sa ma ajute sa ducem clubul cat mai sus

wednesday 09/09/2020

Hi, I just returned to the game after many years and I'm looking for a guild. I'm a casual player, I think I will be playing quite frequently but not 100% active


Long time player, I get on max 30 min a day, looking for a chill guild that I can join while I hop on every once in a while. I'll hit up chat every so often as well. Thanks!

Time Conquers All (the club I'm into) is a great place for returning and new players. I sent you an invitation.

Join Open Casket the best guild in UR smiley

sunday 06/09/2020

Those guilds are still around

saturday 05/09/2020

Now this is the kind of content I like to see smiley

thursday 03/09/2020

sunday 30/08/2020

Time Conquers All has a bunch of kind, helpful people that gave me a hand at getting back into the game.

friday 28/08/2020

Hi, we need only 4 "members" to keep this Guild's space, but otherwise it is a completely secret society...

Anybody can join and keep their existing guild, in fact we prefer that... think of this as a 2nd Secret Guild of people who play against the Market. The true secret back-game... To join this way is simple, just DM/PM me after we secure our Guild space with 4 or more new members.

We need 4 or more full members quickly!

These listed members will keep our guild space and will be thanked for this, they will have the perks of the Coin Des Banquiers Guild itself!

[ url=https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/clubs/?id=2063397] Coin Des Banquiers [/url]

monday 24/08/2020

When you challenge your friends you don't get spins if you win

tuesday 18/08/2020

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