tuesday 30/06/2009

Je voudrai bien faire des enigme pour gagner de largent ou des carte

Come on people make it big
ther might be a admin spot for one of the first members but you will have to go through me first

I am not that rich.
I didn't give anything to anybody. smiley

The good way to recruit people is by charm not by paying them.
Anyway, the gates are now closed again.

We'll see you again next time we open it for recruitment.

Thank you,

monday 29/06/2009

Lol 211 smiley Im the devil...Oh time to change my name to ToxicIsTheDevil smiley no worries I dont hate the ambassador at all. his two year old sister happens to be my two year old daughter smiley

sunday 28/06/2009

the usa's assasins

Original Addikts

Is A Up-N-Comin Guild

Its Gona Be Takin Ova
Yu Herd It Here First

Hit Up My Man -OA-McLovin Or Me -OA-HashBrown For info



Hello everyone! I am looking for some players to join my guild. I only ask that you are an active player... thank you all very much! here is a link!


saturday 27/06/2009

New player are still welcome to apply.

Lv 15+ join

Do you endorse any other bread related prodct,or is that like blasphemy?
And whats your level limit?

thursday 25/06/2009

I'd like to thank everybody for thier support,
But clay comes to a end.
I made this guild to prove to everybody it isnt hard to become #1 guild in thier own country,
especially england.been #1 3 days now and proud of it,
some day soon clay will return.
Untill then,
It will vanish for now,

People may be annoyed at me,
but they never asked what my intentions is with this guild smiley

Close please.

Looking for a guild where u can chill, talk and just hang out?
Then the guild your looking for is The Tiger Warlords!
Check us out at: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=547898
Anyone can join, any level, any rank, any face!

Join moon dance,
It has a great admin,
and is a ton of fun smiley
Join it !!smiley

Yes join this guild xavier is a friendly person and will not bite so join

Every one should join it is a fun having active guild with alot of benefits like deck strategies, tournaments, giveaways, and alot of other stuff so you must be a 20+ LEVEL AND BE ACTIVE AND FOR THA ELO SCORE that does matter

check it out just made today in need of new recr so come on http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=602986

wednesday 24/06/2009

I joined OC, close this please

The Clint Conglomerate is a guild for almost all players. Its best if you speak english and you only have to be levl 15+ to join. I have been in the guild a while and have mostly enjoyed it...I am now an admin so i think we need more players that are higher level. We really welcome anyone 20+ but you only have to be 15+ to join.

We are friendly and looking for active players.
I also have small contests to win cards to make it fun and encourage ppl to play so join us if u need a guild


tuesday 23/06/2009


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