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friday 03/07/2009

Once again recruitment is based on knowledge of the game blah blah blah lol

Join it there is many chances of winning not alot of member 1st gets a cr

This is going to be awsome

We are recruiting!

Don't hesitate, check us out at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=555394
Play in the guilds Private Gaming Room!
Chances to win Cards!
Give Aways!
Chat with other players!

and best of all you only have to be level 10>

Join this ever expanding guild now...

thursday 02/07/2009

You guys should join, this guild is sweet. I just won Hax from Rescue smiley

Sense of humour huh?
join it!

Come and Join guild:493046


wednesday 01/07/2009

Join The American People! We have lotterys every now and then and its a very fun guild!smiley
If you're interested here's the link:http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=423584


Where a new guild who has some great people in it and are looking for more great people so why don't u check us out our main thing is loyalty to each other ok. We are Serious Karange if your interested ok

Close plz

Or not.. he quit and joined Sanity, and left me leader.. join anyway!

tuesday 30/06/2009

****WANTED**** : a Lv.40 or higher would be great for our guild

*new members are welcome to join Lv.15+ smiley

May I join?

Je voudrai bien faire des enigme pour gagner de largent ou des carte

Come on people make it big
ther might be a admin spot for one of the first members but you will have to go through me first

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