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monday 22/06/2009

Ur slayer are you taking a visit to the funhouse

and join this amazing guildsmiley

sunday 21/06/2009

Looking fro a FRESH, NEw guild!!!! Join the Malkavian clan. We are growing stronger every day and are hopefully soon going to be a top guild. If you are level 20+ then you can join our vampire family. If you are looking for a guild, or want a new guild, look no more. We have cookies...and vampiressmiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=503615

You can get a chance 10/16 for get 0.5% jackpot from 7k so you can get cashback only 400 clintz. and if you are lucky you get striker.

No Try Us Youw Ill Recieve Free Knowledge Cards And FUN

It's important to read the description though.

Congratz man, thou, what happened to flooly?
Join guild:509061 they good smiley

saturday 20/06/2009

read that

Join.. WE CAN MAKE EVENTS NOW!!! smiley

friday 19/06/2009

We are a great guild check us out

Join my guild smiley


Would i be able to join??? im lvl 12 (nearly 13) and im on every day and i collect the senitial decksmileysmiley

thursday 18/06/2009

We are one of the largest english speaking guilds on Urban rivals

we have over 300 members in our clan and we are getting bigger and we are recruiting now

we have our own guild market where we trade to each other at good prices...

we offer advice to each other and you must be level 15 atleast to join our guild

click on this link and then click apply http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=497114

we also have our very own Ravages of Time website here is the address

http://ravages-of-time.weebly.com/index.html you can also get to us from this page..........

see you soon......................................

Cmon people plz join we are desparate....at least i am

The guild is all about TEAMwork we all put in a part. We do everything we can to HELP each other and make each other stronger. If you have question we will try to answer them, if you're trying to lvl up we will help you lvl up. Our goal is to be the most powerful, respected, and well known Guild Army in Clint City!
Tell them Commander Fox sent u

Recruiting Requirements:
-Can be of any country and must speak some english.
-Be level 7 or up and are active.
-Play fair(Green Face or higher).
-Must take part in Message Board discussions.
-For more information on the 501st Legion, contact Delta 38 or the Administrators.

Twisted here I come

wednesday 17/06/2009

You should join me. i like your hard working attitude.http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=591400

You should join my guild I can help you if you need something. But for me to help you, you must help yourself by playing the game.

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