thursday 21/05/2009

Were also very competitive only 15 people after that were goods going to have ranks and every couple of weeks rank tourneys inside the clan... Guardians of time are forever they cant die unless the end of time is here lol irony

Not really our guild is so good its worth it.

Mods close plz he´s with us

Hmm if theres pie involved theres nothing i can do to resist, id love to join ive been around for a few years now but just havnt found a guild thats fun and lively, i hope you can show me a good timesmiley

wednesday 20/05/2009

That's just because you commented on this threadsmiley


proceed to this guild...

Level 35 and above
must be active both gaming and message board

We Have incentive...

for DT top 10 our GM is sending rare cards for the Top 10 Daily tournaments...

and ELo top players per week also rare cards is the price..

tuesday 19/05/2009

sunday 17/05/2009

No advertising ShakNight.

@mihsan99 Yes u can.

N we rock smiley xD


/ DEVIL JIN smiley

Now 21+ since we got strong members

saturday 16/05/2009

The Warriors
goodluck, if you want any events or anything pm me
as im gona be lvl 40 in around 2-3 days maybe

friday 15/05/2009

We're an expanding clan that is here to be competitive, but also have a fun side to it that welcomes everyone!. We're currently recruiting so if you're interested please join today!

Join our guild Ravages of Time, we are becoming one of the biggest and strongest guilds on Urban Rivals click on the link to join
Please join and help us to be strong.

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