friday 15/05/2009

Join the Phantom Dragonz

These are the requirements:

1.People at level 8+ can join
2.You must have more than 50 wins
3.You must know how to speak English
4.You must be online at least once a month
5.Have fun and respect all members and newcomers

Thank You to everyone that joins.

thursday 14/05/2009

Well if u wanna chill with the true and origanal kids join kids of light

We are a fun guild and will have lots of guild matches upcoming but we are short of people so if there are any :
.English speeking people
.Above level 20
. Like to have fun
then this is the guild for you we are active pretty much every day so why not have a try here is the link :

What do you mean by that Benny?

^.^ Mermaid is always on the case!

Elementry my dear watson..

Destroy please

wednesday 13/05/2009

gl with your guild smiley

Are you tired of playing someone who times out on you?

Wishing to play someone who has a higher sense of sportsmanship?

Come join No Red Faces.

We are an open guild who enjoys playing this game.

Please close Temma

Can a moderator please close/destroy this? Thanks.


I am recruiting and like the title says, all are welcome!

tuesday 12/05/2009

Here is the guild link and they are a very good group come check em out The Warriors

Oh well,
delete this subject please,
The guild lasted a long time,
but everybody decided to leave smiley
sorry guys smiley

Close Please

monday 11/05/2009

Mikegengsta, please add a link to your guild smiley

I reckon that you lower the level requirement to lvl.25 and up...
if you're gonna put it at lvl.30+'re gonna have trouble looking for members...but you'll definitely get some...just not that fast...
Well...that's my opinion...smiley


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