monday 11/05/2009


You're using the wrong message board. smiley

Guild Link is guild;541136

This guild is looking for more players that do not have a guild yet. Be as active as u can and have fun are the only rules of this guild. Welcomes every lvl of experience!!!

this is link:

Plz join soon a private lottery is in session and good chances to get a rare

Lol thanks breezer

Join, because im in it.

sunday 10/05/2009

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Uh, Read the Rules? smiley

Close please,
making my final review.

The Fang Pai Clang is my favorite clan i would be honored if you would allow me to join your honor filled cause in the way of the samurai smiley

Its a very fun guild. It is led by a very good and nice founder. Also it is pretty active. Soon coming guild events.
So join the Z-Tron [5000] today.


saturday 09/05/2009


Join level 15+

He has a guild

friday 08/05/2009

Soz guys i have now joined a guild

All are welcome to join our open society.
We accept any level and we are open to an active forum.
I hope to see our guild build.
Have fun!

I believe this thread can be forgotten now, i have applied to the guild that most interested me...

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