wednesday 06/05/2009

Come on...Join. We give any several prizes, including Cr to our members...

Looking for active players
friendley players
level 10 and over
admin spots left

join today

Join Dynamic Collectors!

Any level limit, 3 admin spots available, join we are fun, caring and we like to talk

english speaking people only!

Yup while we have this contest going on , and were letting all of our new members settle in and raise there levels we're closing our doors for a short time, ( just a week ) . We still encourage you to send MaggieMoo or any of the Admins a PM of you are interested in joining.

We have great events, huge sales every month. Plus we're just fun. smileysmiley

We really would appreciate any more people that wanna join

Please close this subject

tuesday 05/05/2009

Please close.. THANKS!!

I'm looking for people over level 10 who are active
i'm also looking for admins
so please be part of my wonderful gulid
and join burning redemption today

Looking for people who are level 40+, speak english, and want to have a fun time.
write down your account name if you would like to join guild:517598

Http:// smiley

Http:// guild page

monday 04/05/2009

All you need to fit into this guild is the love for U.R

when guild has more members there will be a lottery set up and tournaments to earn you place as an admin to help other guild members by trading cards advice or just chat smiley

JOIN "t"s"s"

Join Outer Heaven smiley
It's a fairly new guild looking to expand further with more active members. smiley

Curious ?
see for yourself !!

Close this thread pls

This is not a active guild right now but once people like you join it will be.
I am hoping to make this guild fun but without any people it can't happen so plz join guild:532630.

Hi, people events hav now started so there's even more reason to join

sunday 03/05/2009

A fun guild allways active events raffles and there own guild

One day left till the official opening, join us

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