saturday 04/04/2009


I'm the leader of the masters of clint. We need a lvl 40+ player so we can organise intern tournaments, for amusement. Please assign if you like the idea. Or, if you want to know about the idea, pm me. We can discuss on what is bst to do, but I don't want the tournaments to be too taxing, everyone must be able to participate.

Masters of clint is the second best of the dutch guilds, and we are in the top 3000 of the world.

We are also recruiting more players. If you are lvl 13+, and speak good enough English to know what we are saying, please assign.

Thank you very much,

Ebrethil (Dia)

Active and fun guild that's rising the ranks and waiting for YOU to cruise aboard and be forgotten.
We have our own Chat room and website!
guild link:
We also have a guild academy if you haven't reached the guild requirement level. (15 i believe)
So why don't you join some and host some?

friday 03/04/2009

We are a new guild looking to recruit new members.
You must be level 15
You must have at least a green smiley
You must be active at least twice a week.
Any nationality is accepted.
Please know basic english as I am bad at other languages right now.smileylol
If possible we will be having guild tourneys once a month for prizes.
We also will try to have guild sales at lower than market values.
Any questions please message me. I will reply promptly as I can

Close the subject plz
i made an updated one

Guild:492941 !
We're always looking for new members and we're a fairly new guild. smiley

thursday 02/04/2009

Join the great Lu Bu! smiley

You are most welcome into our guild! smiley

This guild merged with Angelz Of Doom, which means that we're better than ever smiley

Nobody refused you it was an accident.pressed the wrong one sorry. try again

EvilEmp is now a magna elite

wednesday 01/04/2009

Ok everyone its level 25+ now!smiley

Sorry Zenos, but at this time our fun only comes in the chocolate and red velvet variety. It was the fault of my deputy baker who overlooked the importance of basic vanilla. He will be dealt with severely smiley.

Come again soon when we have updated our flavored fun.

@Rage and other hungry patrons: We are now selling our famous Cake for 50 Clintz smiley. Non-sweetened Death is also for sale for 100 Clintz. (Death is rather pricey as its labor-intensive smiley).

tuesday 31/03/2009


Guild Requirements:

*Must be level 30+
*Must Have "DN_" in front of your name
*Be Kind to fellow Guild Mates
*Must be Active and Active in Guild Message Board

Why You Should Join?

-We have Guild tournaments at least once a week
-We have Active Players and Active Guild message board
-We give the person who has the highest ELO point, a prize at the end of the week
-Meet Nice and Friendly People smiley

monday 30/03/2009

Hey, we want you!!!!!, to join, lvl 28+ and very active, we help each other ans sell each other cards smiley Join now guild:468603!!!!!

The Funhouse already has a recruitment thread smiley

sunday 29/03/2009

Want a guild with very active players? Are all the guilds just too boring for all the people who just want to have fun? If you want to have fun and socialize this is the guild perfect for you. With one of the most active message boards imaginable we promise you that you will have a great time with one of the best guilds in America. Need somebody to talk to? Talk to Uncle Sam_EE, hes sure to make you welcome. Need help with ELO? Talk with either Me, Falcon-EE or ST-mathwiz because we are great in ELO. You must be level 25, speak english, and be an active member. I hope you enjoy our guild.

saturday 28/03/2009

C'mon were on 17 people... 3 spots left untill recruitment closes!!!

I think you gotten a little mixed up darlkore your only level 11 most people are at least level 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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