saturday 11/04/2009

This is a good guild and talkative in guild message board

Hehehe, thanks smiley;;

friday 10/04/2009

Im afraid he will never bu cured lol

Accepting members of all levels; must use montana, pirana, nightmare,and gheist

thursday 09/04/2009

The Clint Conglomerate
join us

The Clint Conglomerate
join us

And here's the url:
Sorry about that smiley

Check out Elite Army,
I can asure that 95% of our guild members are active on both game and forums. Many of our players are experienced and offer alot of good tips and tricks, not only that we have small events, were we give away cards. Our member know each other very well, and we do have they family type of feel around the guild.
If you are interested:

Join Raving Rabbids!!!ahhh!

Yeah, join the drifters is a amazing guild, there fun and nice smiley join!!!guild:399371

Okay this is how it goes are guild is very active there is always at least 4 yo 5 members on everyday out of 58 and they are always different to join are guild you have to be lvl 20 plus but before you join you have to send me a message so i can tell the leader you are going to join that is my only request.

wednesday 08/04/2009


There's the guild link for anyone interested.. smiley
Good luck with your guild.

Join us now and look at a pic. i made for the guild =]

Still actively seeking 10 more members! Please don't be shy ask questions, ask to battle me, ask to join even !smiley

I'm starting off with the best because i play most of my members. if your up 4 taking down all of the competition then join if not then battle.

And all of my members who start up with me at level 11 or lower when you get to level 15 you get you first pack codes purchased by me.

You wish for what you crave and the only way to get it is to be humble...

We need more members


Up Here is My URL TO My Guild I have old members and
only 4 total
but thts me to blame im the founder and this is the a good reson i should have waited to make my guild

Any Can Join
If i accept tht means im online if i never replyed i havent been on for
so join and help the guild be the best

Close please. I am going to search by myself.

tuesday 07/04/2009

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