saturday 28/03/2009

Bump more members needed

Looking for anyone and everyone that is active and is abou fair play. Any levels anytime....We are a new group so looking forward to growing bigger than ever and having fun.We do activly help each other out to by trading and tips and strategies.Here is the link=

friday 27/03/2009

Delete please

We are a new guild looking for some members to increase our numbers.

Join us

thursday 26/03/2009

Gain one more level and join Urban Madness

Ok join the lucky shadows were not a huge guild but we do alot of fun stuff

Try the acdemy it is a great way to level up and then move onto a powerful guild.

Please closesmiley

Good job cat.

takeing care of your kittens

wednesday 25/03/2009

Found a guild, you may close this subject

Join The M.O.B

Still recruiting members and admin positions to aid in the growth of the Order of the Avid Philosopher.

I a chess man i am looking for a good, strong guild

tuesday 24/03/2009

We really need a guy higher then level 40 for some guild event. we had someone, but they flaked on use 2 hours later, his friend just made a guild. please grace us with your presence

we are currently looking for the admins to the guild and we got 2 spots left open with no aplicants, you'd be perfect for one of them.
the link is here

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I may see you in the near future i may not thks.
Admin please close.

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